Brake calls for zero road deaths

Written by Ellie

Road safety charity Brake has called for an increased commitment to tackling road deaths across the UK, after the government published figures this week that highlight a general stagnation in improvements in this area in recent years.

Research advisor for Brake Lucy Amos commented: "The report released by the Department for Transport reveals the danger of complacency and over-confidence. The UK currently has one of the best road safety records in the world, but this cannot be relied upon.

"No road death is acceptable and we must continue to work towards reducing death and injury on the roads without compromise."

She added that rising traffic volumes on the UK's roads (two per cent in the last year alone) mean the importance of improved safety with an increased number of vehicles to contend with for all road users must be achieved.

The prospect of achieving zero deaths is one that the organisation recognises may be unachievable in the short to mid-term; but nevertheless, it is a goal that the government must be aiming for in the years ahead.

Increased levels of investment in transport infrastructure, driver training and vehicle safety could all play a crucial role in achieving this target, the body suggested.

Posted on 30th September 2016

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