Brake calls for ISA technology introduction

Written by Ellie

Road safety charity Brake is calling for the introduction of new intelligent speed adaptation (ISA) technologies for use on UK roads.

Designed to automatically limit the maximum speed of vehicles dependent upon the roads on which they are driving, ISA systems require the fitting of speed-limiting technologies in cars, as well as the installation of associated infrastructure to relay this information to all road users.

A recent poll of UK motorists carried out by the charity revealed that almost one-third (32 per cent) of drivers would be in favour of the mandatory installation of ISA systems in all cars, while 21 per cent were in favour of the use of 'advisory ISA' technology that would alert drivers when exceeding the speed limit.

Meanwhile, a further 31 per cent would be willing to install voluntary ISA systems if they were free for use. This left just 14 per cent of respondents who stated they would not be prepared to back this technology at all.

Brake director of communications and campaigns Gary Rae commented: "ISA represents a game-changer for road safety, with the potential to make all other speed enforcement unnecessary and prevent nearly half the devastating deaths on our roads.

"As speed is at least an aggravating factor in almost all road crashes, this technology could make our roads much safer for everyone, and prevent thousands of senseless casualties every year if rolled out systematically."

He added that the potential to save lives of these types of speed-limiting technologies should not be underestimated. However, there has not yet been the political will necessary to see these systems rolled out.

Posted on 22nd October 2015

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