Bracing for Brexit – Fleet Matters 10

4th July 2018

Tick-tock, tick-tock…

The countdown to Brexit is seemingly unstoppable. For some time now, the question has been what.

What exactly will Brexit mean for Britain? Crucially, what exactly will Brexit mean for British fleets?


Uncertainty is any manager’s greatest concern because you can’t manage what you can’t be sure of.

So you keep scanning the headlines: Brexit will probably be “hard”. There may even be “no deal”. The weight of opinion appears to be that it will be “bad” for Britain. But how bad?

Vehicle price rises? Staff availability? Tariffs? You realise that the truth is no-one can be sure. Not yet, at least. But waiting until it all happens doesn’t feel like the smart move.

So the question becomes this: the future after Brexit is uncertain; fleets must prepare; therefore your fleet must prepare for uncertainty.


How do you do that? That bit is thankfully a lot clearer:

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