Blackrockk Ltd – Going for Gold!

Written by Ellie

Blackrockk Ltd are a sub-contractor for Aggregate Industries who were established in 2016. Based in Crawley, they transport and provide asphalt materials for road construction. Since joining FORS, the company has seen significant improvements in their overall KMPL. Sandip Singh, director of Blackrockk Ltd explains how FORS has been beneficial to their company.

We initially heard about FORS through Aggregate Industries who required us to become FORS accredited to meet contractual conditions. We saw that FORS would help us implement better policies in order for our business to run more efficiently.  After working towards a FORS gold accreditation and carrying out the procedures necessary to become gold accredited, we were convinced that remaining at this level of accreditation and using the FORS recommended practice was the best way to operate as a haulage business.

Fortunately we were able to achieve our initial gold accreditation with ease after achieving both our bronze and silver accreditation. As FORS provided us with clear guidance on how to achieve our gold accreditation we were successful first time round in all three initial audits. After seeing the benefits from achieving a gold accreditation, we are now encouraged to remain gold accredited and keep performing at this standard by using the best practice.

Once we became gold accredited, we were encouraged to continue taking full advantage of the resources FORS has to offer. In particular, the eco-driving report which informed us of techniques and procedures we could implement into our driving, which helped us save on fuel and reduce the effect our vehicles have on the environment. The vehicles we use for our mode of work have a big effect on the environment, and as a business we are always looking for ways in which we could reduce the amount of damage we cause to the environment; FORS provided us with the appropriate tools and information to help us with this aspect of the business.

‘We are now becoming a more eco-friendly fleet thanks to FORS.’ – Sandip Singh

Another benefit we acquired from joining FORS was the driver training and modules that they provided. Due to these modules being of easy access to our drivers, they were encouraged and motivated to complete the appropriate modules regularly. Having our drivers complete these modules regularly kept their road knowledge and safety skills up to date. We have seen improvements in our drivers driving ability and confidence on the road. One module in particular that helped our drivers get a better understanding of road safety was the cycle safety module. This module gave our drivers an insight into a vulnerable road user’s view of the road.

‘With the help of the FORS e-learning modules, our drivers are now more knowledgeable and confident on the road.’ – Sandip Singh

As a haulage business, we decided to aim for a gold accreditation after seeing the positive effects from implementing the practices for a bronze and silver accreditation. We also acquired more cliental after achieving a FORS gold accreditation and we are now encouraged to remain gold accredited. By remaining gold accredited, it would reassure our clients that we are still performing at our maximum potential.

In the ­­­­­last 12 months, we have increased our KMPL by 3.17% thanks to FORS.

Our plans for the future are to remain FORS gold accredited and continue acquiring new cliental. We will continue to encourage drivers to complete FORS e-learning modules to ensure their road knowledge is up to date. We will also continue our research in ways to become a more environmentally friendly haulage business.

To conclude, remaining FORS Gold accredited would ensure the company and our employees that we are performing to the best of our ability and encourage our employees to keep working at this level. Furthermore, FORS has helped us save significantly on fuel costs and we have seen a reduction in our emission output. We wish to continue improving and working using the best procedures and we believe remaining FORS gold accredited will allow us to do that.

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Posted on 11th September 2018

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