Beyond tired: how to stop drivers crashing-out – Fleet Matters 10

11th July 2018

It’s one thing to come into an office job tired and tap away at a keyboard. It’s quite another to get behind the wheel of a multi-tonne lump of steel and glass, and hurtle around at 60 miles per hour.

“Tiredness can kill” says the famous motorway sign. No problem, you think, I’ll just pull-over at the next service station and take a break. But what if you’re more than just “tired”? What if you’re beginning to “burn-out”? Would you recognise the signs in yourself? Could you recognise the signs in others?

By the time burnout really takes hold, the sufferer will either have an accident, be signed-off sick, have to quit their job all together – or all three. Because burnout can be extremely difficult to recover from.

The problem is that burnout isn’t widely recognised, and the signs of long-term problems can easily be dismissed as short-term issues. “Steve’s a bit fed up this week.” “John’s knackered… again!” “Sarah’s been moaning a lot about work.” So what? Everyone’s like that sometimes.

But it’s when someone is like that ALL the time that alarm bells need to ring.

Read more about burnout in the latest issue of Fleet Matters, and learn how to spot the three key signs before it’s too late.

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