Average speed cameras announced for A82/A85

29th July 2019

average speed cameras

New average speed cameras are to be installed along stretches of the A82 and A85 between Tyndrum and Lix Toll.

A £250,000 scheme will aim to improve road safety for all users on this busy stretch of highway.

Improving safety by cutting speed

The cameras will replace the existing mobile camera enforcement that is currently in place in the area and will support higher levels of driver compliance with local speed limits.

It is hoped the number of people killed or seriously injured along the 15.9-mile route will be dramatically cut as a result of this action.

In total, nine slight injury collisions, 11 serious injury collisions and one fatal collision have been recorded in the area during the past three years.

Scotland’s cabinet secretary for transport, infrastructure and connectivity Michael Matheson said: “We already know from our experience with average speed cameras successfully deployed elsewhere on our road network that they encourage improved levels of driver behaviour.”

He added similar schemes have resulted in a 60 per cent reduction in accidents and collisions.

“This investment will deliver a range of benefits for road users,” Mr Matheson concluded.

Ellie Baker, brand manager at FCS Scotland, adds: “Excessive speed is a factor in countless road traffic accidents every year, so the introduction of new average speed cameras could play an integral part in improving road safety for all travellers in the area.”