APD systems tested by Euro NCAP

Written by Ellie

The latest autonomous pedestrian detection and emergency braking (APD) systems have been put through their paces by European vehicle safety organisation Euro NCAP.

A range of models that feature this groundbreaking automated braking technology were tested in real-world environments by Euro NCAP, with the vehicles tasked with automatic braking from speeds of up to 60 km/hour when faced with a life-size pedestrian mannequin in their path.

The research has been carried out by the group as a result of the considerable increase in the number of models that feature these systems that have come to the market in recent years.

Euro NCAP secretary general Dr Michiel van Ratingen said: "Although this technology is rapidly developing, it’s not yet possible to prevent every collision with a pedestrian in the real world.

"But vehicles designed to perform well in these tests will be better equipped to prevent these thousands of needless deaths and life-changing injuries on our European roads."

He added that the tests carried out by Euro NCAP, to determine those manufacturers that are performing best in terms of APD functionality right now, will help consumers to make informed decisions when it comes to planning a purchase.

Full details of the organisation's findings are to be published in the near future.

At present, vulnerable road users account for almost half (47 per cent) of all European road deaths – around 26,000 cases per year – and it is hoped that the development of new safety technologies such as APD will help to considerably reduce this figure in the years ahead.

Posted on 11th November 2015

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