Addison Lee partners with Olympic cyclist to prevent ‘car-dooring’

Written by Ellie

Private hire firm Addison Lee has joined forces with olympic gold medal-winning cyclist Laura Kenny to formally kick-start the ‘Addison Lean’ car-dooring scheme.

The initiative is designed to encourage drivers and passengers to exit cars correctly, checking first if anyone is coming before they open the door.

Called the 'Addison Lean', it encourages people to lean out and look around before they fully open the door.

The firm hopes having a famous cyclist – half of the sport's biggest glamour couple alongside fellow gold medallist Jason – will give the scheme the publicity it needs.

Around 65 per cent of cyclists in the UK have been the victim of a car-dooring accident, in which someone has opened the door right in front of them, with 54 per cent of cyclists being injured.

Moreover, 43 per cent of cyclists who have been the victims of car-dooring have considered giving cycling up, which is the last thing transport bosses want as they seek to encourage more people to take to the saddle.

Transport for London’s director of licensing, charging and regulation Helen Chapman said the goal the body has set of eliminating death and serious injury from the capital's roads by 2041 can only be met if measures like building safer junctions and improved buses are complemented by the actions of drivers and passengers themselves.

She added: "This initiative by Addison Lee is to be applauded and should set a template for others to follow.

"Educating private hire drivers and their passengers about the perils of opening a car door on a cyclist will help to guard against one of the most common collisions involving those on two wheels."

Addison Lee’s chief executive Andy Boland said he hoped the manoeuvre would be added to the Highway Code.

He remarked: "With car dooring such a widespread problem, adopting the Addison Lean – a straightforward manoeuvre that protects everyone on the road – makes perfect sense."

Ellie Baker, brand manager at Fuel Card Services, comments: "This initiative is a great idea. The last thing any motorist wants is to have an accident, but cyclists are particularly vulnerable."

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Posted on 27th June 2018

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