Who We Service

At Fuel Card Services, we work hard to ensure that UK fleets of all shapes and sizes can get access to high quality, reliable products and services that smooth and improve their operations.

We provide bespoke solutions that are tailored to fit your fleet’s needs, and you can choose exactly which services you want to use. From a market leading range of fuel cards to telematics services, and even driver-facing apps that help with vehicle checks, our solutions are designed to save you time and money.

Our Customers Include…

Small Fleets

Small Fleet | Delivery Van

From sole traders with a single van to teams with only a handful of cars, our services are a great help to small fleets. Our fuel card offering helps to reduce fuel costs, whilst MileageCount ensures mileage records are HMRC compliant.

Medium Size Fleets

Medium Size Fleet | Semi Trucks Parked Together

We work with SMEs to reduce the overall running costs of their fleets. A lot of our customers fall within industries such as Haulage, Construction, and many more – we can offer support to businesses regardless of your sector and industry.

Large Fleets

Large Fleet | Many Trucks Lined Up Together

Our largest customers have over 600 vehicles in their fleet, so keeping their costs down is essential. It’s not just our fuel cards that help them do this – our Tele-Gence telematics software helps fleet managers keep track of the day to day operations of their fleet, and our Vehicle Checking app – MyDriveSafe – gives managers and drivers peace of mind that their vehicles are safe to drive.

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Our Service Area

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Notable Sectors

We currently service over 50,000 customers in sectors such as:

Haulage – Road Transport

Contractors – Electrical, Plumbers, etc

Wholesale and Retail


Professional Services




Fleet of high tech white cars

Whatever your vehicle types, our team is here to support you. Our solutions are designed to support fleets using:

• Heavy Goods Vehicles

• Light Commercial Vehicles

• Public Service Vehicles

• Vans

• Cars

Aiding You Through the EV Transition

We’re also gearing up to help fleets tap into the buzz around electrification by modernising their charging infrastructure and vehicle portfolios. Our current EV solutions include the sale and installation of workplace and home-based charging systems, and a suite of electric charge cards that will one day fully replace traditional fuel cards.

We’ll be trialling and testing every new electric product before it reaches the market so that we can continue to bring our customers effective upgrades to their fleet technology.

Use Cases and Examples

The Customer: Mears Group

The Problem: Mears Group carries out over 6,000 repairs per day, including 700 cars whose business mileage must be reported to HMRC. This takes about 2-3 hours for drivers and is not always accurate.

Our Solution: After switching to MileageCount, Mears Group saw time savings worth over £200,000 annually as the monthly admin time of 700 drivers was reduced by at least 2 hours.

The Customer: Hallbros Groundwork

The Problem: Hallbros required tracking for their mixed fleet of 25 vehicles, as well as a fuel card that allows monthly petrol and diesel spend of around £10,000.

Our Solution: Our telematics team arranged the installation of 15 Tele-gence tracking devices, which allows the Product Manager to view reports for every vehicle and driver.

Tele-gence can also be integrated with their BP Plus fuel card to prevent fraud, theft, and provide accurate MPG reports.

The Customer: DBI Control

The Problem: Staff must spend out of their own pocket to refuel diesel for company vehicles, then be reimbursed at a later date.

Our Solution: A Shell One fuel card is used across their fleet of three vans so that staff no longer need to spend out of pocket, keep receipts, or wait for reimbursement.

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