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The importance of evidence

Some of us have been involved in traffic accidents and know the pain of dealing with the insurance claim. How much easier it would have been if we had visual evidence of the accident.

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Tele-Gence Dash Cams
Tele-Gence Advanced Live Streaming Camera

Advanced Streaming Camera

Reduce the frequency and severity of insurance claims, resolve 50/50 disputes and prevent false claims.

  • Be in control 24/7
  • See it, as it happens, with real-time reporting
  • Reduce insurance-related costs
  • Customisable with up to three cameras
  • No unreliable SD card to fail
  • See the detail with high definition recording
  • Protect your data with fully secure transfer


  • Be in control 24/7
    You’ll get accident, speeding and maintenance alerts instantly and can take action. All settings can be adjusted remotely.
  • See it, as it happens, with real-time reporting
    Data on location, speed, driver behavior and even which driver (optional upgrade), with in-built tracker, all sent directly to the Tele-Gence platform.
  • Reduce insurance-related costs
    FNOL (First Notification of Loss) instant alert with vehicle, video, axis and location data. Reduce insurance-related costs with valuable video FNOL, providing indisputable evidence.
  • Customisable with up to three cameras
    Flexible solutions with up to 3 cameras (optional chargeable upgrade). Adding a monitor provides blind spot and reversing assistance, meeting FORS, CLOCS and HS2 standards.
  • No unreliable SD card to fail
    128GB internal memory, so you won’t lose that valuable accident data as events are automatically uploaded. Optional hub with 2TB of storage.
  • See the detail with high definition recording
    1080p HD resolution, giving you the best possible images with super-wide 160° HD lens.
  • Protect your data with fully secure transfer
    End-to-end encryption of data ensures that your footage is kept secure. 4G and WiFi connectivity.
Tele-Gence Standard and Advanced Dash Cams

Dash Cams

Affordable protection against insurance claim disputes.

  • Full HD recording mode
  • Micro SD card
  • LCD screen
  • Wide viewing angle
  • Records date and time
  • Second camera option (optional)
  • Motion detection
  • Loop recording
  • Super night vision (optional)


Standard Dash CamAdvanced Dash Cam
Full HD recording mode
Clear enough to read the licence plate
1920*1080P5 options
Micro SD card
Plenty of storage upgrade options
LCD screen
Easy viewing in most light conditions
2” TFT1.5” TFT
Wide viewing angle
Captures more of the event
Records date and time
Essential for insurance purposes
Second camera option
Captures event from both angles
Motion detection
Only records when you’re moving
Loop recording
Automatically records everything
Lock crash footage
When G Sensor triggered
Super night vision
Essential for detailed recording

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