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Fuel Card Services is one of the largest independent agents of fuel cards in the UK, working as agents on behalf of most of the major oil companies including BP, Esso, Shell and Texaco.

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The right brands for the right fuel cards

Designed to meet the exact needs of your type of fleet.

Fuel cards for LCV fleets

Lower cost diesel at thousands of sites throughout the country, perfect for vans and other light commercial vehicles.

Fuel cards accepted at BP | Esso | Diesel Direct | UK Fuels

Fuel cards for HGV fleets

Specially selected to meet the needs of trucks and other major diesel users, at countless HGV friendly sites countrywide.

Fuel cards accepted at Shell | BP | Scania | Shell Bunkercard

Fuel cards for Mixed fleets

Chosen to suit fleets with varying vehicle types, for refuelling with diesel, petrol or both, anywhere from city centres to rural roads.

Fuel cards accepted at Esso | Texaco | Shell | BP

Fuel cards for Car fleets

Every individual driver can use their own favourite site, nationwide, across motorways, supermarkets and all major brands.

Fuel cards accepted at TexacoShell | BP | Esso

Whether you use diesel, petrol or both, we cover every major brand, including specialist networks: BP, Diesel Direct, Esso, Shell, Texaco and UK Fuels. We never impose network fees or transaction charges and you are welcome to a free, no-obligation weekly price check to see how much you could save.