Shell CRT Discount Fuel Card

The Shell CRT Discount Fuel Card provides customers with a fixed diesel price making it ideal for diesel fleets. Our fixed price means savings of up to 4p per litre on your diesel purchases and up to 10p per litre at motorway service stations.

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For quality diesel refuelling at a fixed rate across the UK

We monitor our Shell diesel fuel prices daily to ensure that we are always competitive with other business fuel card suppliers, providing your organisation with diesel prices consistently below the average diesel pump price in the UK. Weekly Shell diesel prices are available in advance by email or fax on request.

Benefits of choosing the Shell CRT Fuel Card

Cost Saving

Low prices

Up to 4p per litre saving off the national average diesel price.

Fixed weekly diesel price

Available at over 1000 Shell branded service stations throughout the UK – with an additional 3p per litre saving at 450 HGV-friendly sites.

No regional price variances

Fixed rate diesel price wherever you fill up in the UK.

Pay as you go

No up front payments, or cash tied up in your tank in yard stock, only pay for the fuel you use.

Reduced fuel consumption

Up to 3% economy with Shell FuelSave Diesel at no extra cost.

Interest free credit and simple payment terms

No up front payments.

Customer Service

Access to over 1000 sites

All Shell branded service stations.

Motorway coverage

Discounted diesel also available all Shell motorway service stations.

Free fuel management reporting

Detailed and flexible fuel analysis reports available online 24 hours a day.

Toll payment

euroShell fuel card now accepted on M6toll.

Download euroShell sat nav files

Click here.


No unauthorised purchases

Fuel card use is restricted to fuel and lubes only.

Quality fuels

Our Shell CRT fuel cards are accepted at all Shell service stations supplying quality Shell products, including Shell FuelSave Diesel at no additional cost.

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The leading oil and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) sales, marketing and distribution business in Britain and Ireland.

With a Shell fuel card from Fuel Card Services you will receive high quality Shell fuels, cost-savings, customer service and confidence. For more information on the Shell Multi-Network Fuel Card please click here.