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August 2023


Welcome to your fleet news update for August 2023!

This month, we’re offering some tips on reducing your business mileage by helping you to understand what exactly you can claim within your business mileage allowance, and introduce MileageCount, our easy-to-use app for tracking the miles you drive for work.

We’ve also taken a look at managing fleet data, driver safety, and the importance of fleet dashcams.

See below for this month’s helpful news and advice!

Fuel Card Services

Up to Date on Business Mileage Allowance?

Deliveries, meetings, commuting; the costs quickly add up with fleets and the bigger your fleet, the bigger the costs.

Understanding what these costs mean and which you can claim within your business mileage allowance, as well as what tools are on hand to assist you, will help you reduce travel in your businesses expenditure.



Intelligent Vehicle & Asset Tracking

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Real-time tracking updates every 10 seconds or less

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See harsh braking and cornering events

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Multiple map layers including live traffic

Tele-Gence vehicle and asset tracking

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Why monitoring fleet data is essential to managing costs

Why Monitoring Fleet Data is Essential to Managing Costs

Running a fleet of vehicles is a huge cost for any business, and identifying and controlling these costs is impossible without good, reliable data.

What are the four primary metrics you should look at?

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2023 ULEZ Expansion

ULEZ Expands to All London Boroughs – Is Your Business Affected?

To help clear London’s air, the Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) expanded across all London boroughs on 29 August 2023.

How can businesses like yours ensure that you’re keeping costs down when operating in the ULEZ?

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Why dashcams are a must have

Fleet Dashcams: Why They Are a Must-Have

When things do go wrong, fleet dashcams can be the perfect failsafe; helping to sustain insurance claims, disincentivise theft, and tell the real story behind what exactly went wrong. Learn more about why you don’t want to run a fleet without dashcams.

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Introducing our

EV Charge Cards

Charge your EVs and pay for traditional fuel with a single card!

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Access thousands of UK chargers

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Pay for electric, petrol & diesel with one card

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Make the EV transition easier than ever

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