Volvo Trucks launches new road-safety campaign for cyclists

Written by Ellie


Volvo Trucks has launched its new global traffic safety campaign ‘See and Be Seen’ – a new initiative to improve safety awareness among unprotected, vulnerable road-users.

The programme is directed at cyclists aged 12 years and above and is a continuation of Volvo’s traffic-safety training programme for young children, ‘Stop Look Wave’, which has been used for some years all over the world.

“Just like with ‘Stop Look Wave’, the ‘See and Be Seen’ programme aims to improve understanding of how unprotected road-users and trucks can interact in the traffic environment. However, this time we are focusing specifically on cyclists, teenagers and adults alike. With the fast pace of today’s traffic, it is vital that as many people as possible are aware of the risks in order to avoid incidents,” says Carl Johan Almqvist, traffic and product safety director at Volvo Trucks.

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Posted on 7th December 2016

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