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Fleet Manager of the Year 2018 credits Fuel Card Services and Tele-Gence

Steve Hobbs, transport manager for telecommunications company BML Utility Contractors, has credited fleet solutions experts Fuel Card Services for helping drive his business forwards.

Having bought into their telematics solution Tele-Gence, which enables him to track and reward driver behaviour, his company “are already reaping the benefits”, says Steve. “Driver league tables aligned with a company policy of £100 reward monthly for the top driver has already yielded drier improvements.”

Taking advantage of Tele-Gence

Over 100 of Steve’s mixed-use commercial vehicles use Tele-Gence, which integrates fuel card data and live tracking data, resulting in savings on fuel.

Tele-Gence is also intuitive and alert-driven for exception-based management of fleet and fuel, as well as in-depth reporting on fuel fraud, pump pricing, driver behaviour, vehicle tracking and much more- with no long-term commitment.

Making the winning difference

“We get phone calls weekly from companies offering cheaper fuel, better telematics etc…” said Steve who previously had a more basic system in place.

“It was quickly apparent to me as Transport Manager that Fuel Card Services would make an ideal fit for our business.” As soon as a demo took place, they were impressed with the range of services and were quick to sign up.

“Quite simply, no one else provides the level of service that Fuel Card Services does”, says Steve.

“When people phone offering their services, I quite happily explain all of the benefits – linked fuel cards, excellent reports, a dedicated team that stays in touch, and they all quietly go away.”

In summary, Steve said “I’ve been impressed with the level of professionalism, the help and support, and with the relationships that I am building with Fuel Card Services… we are reaping the benefits.

Installation Technology Case Study

“Immense savings” using Tele-Gence

Low fuel costs, reduced emissions and an enhanced ability monitor driver performance are three of the benefits offered by telematics services from Tele-Gence.

However, don’t simply take our word for it, as that is the sentiment of Neville Hinchliffe, compliance and FORS manager for data and telecommunications business Installation Technology.

Excellent service and savings

Mr Hinchliffe recently got in touch to offer his thanks for the “excellent service” his firm has received from Fuel Card Services and Tele-Gence. He also welcomed the significant savings the company has been able to make since switching to the Shell fuel card.

“One of he most important things for us was to get the telematics devices fitted when our vans were not where they are based, this was at locations all over London” he commented.

“Tele-Gence carried out our wishes, which saved us countless hours of lost time and worked perfectly for our needs.”

Mr Hinchliffe concluded the introduction of the new telematics devices has also had a significantly positive impact on the behaviour of his fleet’s drivers. The ability to check vehicle and fuel information online is a real benefit for the business.

The company operates a fleet of 17 vehicles and has a monthly diesel fuel spend of approximately £2,500.

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