Say ‘yes’ to payment processing

Written by Ellie

Taking a card payment is expected these days, customers really expect it. As a growing business can you afford not to accept card payments? The landscape of a town centre is fast-changing, with high street banks closing premises and cash points harder to find, and if your business is there, then not taking cards means that customer may shop elsewhere.

If the administration of a payment processing product has been holding you back, think again. Accepting card payments is both simple and cost effective for small businesses, especially for products over a value of £30.

So, where can you get started and find a payment processing option that works for you? Through My Business Advantage, we can introduce you to a range of preferential rates from one of the leading providers of card payment solutions in the UK.

payment processing

Payment processing rates are guaranteed below 1% for credit cards and you’ll benefit from discounted monthly terminal hire.

The products range from counter-top terminals to sit at your checkout to cutting-edge online payment gateways and mobile devices for when the focus needs to be on taking the solution to your customer. All come with the latest payment technology and at a price to suit your budget.

There’s no set-up fee and your first three months’ terminal hire is free – you could be saving thousands in total.

Combine that with industry-leading service and a refreshing lack of unnecessary paperwork and other distractions and this benefit gives you more time for the things you really want to be doing. Like serving your customers.

Find out more about this Payment Processing benefit at My Business Advantage:

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Posted on 20th November 2018

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