Saving Private Business Energy

Written by Ellie

If you run a small business, then just as with domestic energy, it’s possible to switch tariff or provider to slash costs. However unlike with household energy, tariffs are generally bespoke and can vary hugely – it’s all about ringing around with a bucket-load of chutzpah and haggling the best deal.

At Fuel Card Services, we know you don’t really have time to spare ringing all the energy suppliers, but we have a dedicated partnership team that compare gas, electric and water rates with our Energy Savings benefit, just register at our business portal My Business Advantage.

In a volatile market, with utility pricing on the up, the value of having a dedicated broker to source the best rates and terms for your business is huge. Not only does it take the pressure away from you, but it could save you thousands.

Working with Advantage Business Energy, our dedicated partnership team can review all your business energy requirements and offer you friendly, impartial and trustworthy advice.

Backed by of one of the largest and most successful commercial energy brokers in the UK, they successfully purchase energy for tens of thousands of sites annually, including offices, factories and retailers. As a result, suppliers provide Advantage Business Energy with a significant discount – a discount that you can benefit from.

They’ll go direct to up to 28 suppliers and, thanks to the preferential rates, ensure you get the best deal possible – meaning your time is spent running your business rather than dealing with bills.

It’s a quick and easy switching process, so visit


Posted on 13th February 2018

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