Safety ‘a low priority’ among UK car buyers

Written by Ellie

New research from the Co-op Insurance has highlighted the potentially shocking lack of interest among many UK car buyers in the safety attributes of vehicles they are planning to purchase.

According to the company's findings, just four per cent of the nation's buying public place safety among their chief concerns when deciding which car to purchase.

This was despite 79 per cent of drivers claiming that improving standards of safety are one of the top issues that manufacturers should be focusing on at present.

As a result, 77 per cent of respondents to the Co-op survey stated their belief that the automotive industry should now be doing more to highlight the improvements and advances that are being made in vehicle safety standards more openly and with greater impetus.

The top ten considerations highlighted by UK car buyers (in order of perceived importance) were: price, value for money, brand, mileage, colour, condition, performance, fuel economy, size and safety.

James Hillon, director of products at Co-op Insurance, commented: "Our research has found that price dominates buying decision and safety just isn't front of mind when consumers shop for a used car.

"By knowing more about the safety options that are available, we hope that this will lead to more informed buying decisions and, hopefully, safer choices leading to safer roads."

Posted on 19th July 2016

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