New FORS guidance for powered two-wheelers and bus & coach fleets

Written by Ellie

FORS has developed guidance to help operators understand how the new FORS Standard has been tailored to support specific types of commercial vehicle operations.

FORS Standard version 5 includes a wider range of operations, with provision for powered two-wheeler (P2W) fleets (motorcycles and mopeds) and specific guidance for passenger carrying vehicle (PCV) operators (bus and coach), truly reflecting the continuous evolution of FORS.

The online guidance is tailored specifically to the unique needs of both the P2W and bus and coach sectors, and for operations which include these vehicles as part of a mixed fleet.  The advice includes background on FORS, along with the specific FORS requirements and professional development relevant to each sector.

In accordance with the FORS Rules and Procedures, all vehicles used for servicing and delivery must be registered and will fall under the scope of FORS accreditation. If relevant, existing members will need to update FORS with fleet details prior to re-approval audit and include any vehicle types not previously included.


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Posted on 3rd February 2019

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