Are your vehicles safe to drive?

My Drive Safe is our easy-to-use mobile app for daily vehicle checks

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Suitable for all vehicles – bus & coach, HGV, vans and cars

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Easy defect reporting through our app – no more paperwork

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Helps you stay compliant

Are your vehicles safe to drive?

My Drive Safe is our easy-to-use mobile app for daily vehicle checks

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Try My Drive Safe completely free for 30 days. Then it’s only £1 per driver per week

Carry Out Vehicle Safety Checks With Ease

Daily checks to ensure vehicle safety are the duty of every driver and the responsibility of every manager.

UK law states that all commercial vehicles must be checked and inspected daily to ensure they are safe to drive.

MyDriveSafe.Expert is an easy-to-use app for your daily vehicle checks, which is free to download and use. Plus, managers portal and full reporting for only £1 per driver, per week.

MyDriveSafe.Expert Checklist on Mobile Phone

Choose from one of our industry standard checklists or create your own

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Driver completes vehicle checks with our easy-to-use mobile app

Each vehicle check is uploaded automatically to view on a user-friendly online portal

Frequently asked questions

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*working with us can help you control your fuel and fleet management costs. All savings are estimated based on fuel spend, credit rating, account type, market prices and ensuring that your vehicles are fully maintained. Savings cannot be guaranteed.

Why would MyDriveSafe.Expert be good for my business?

Carrying out daily checks to ensure vehicles are safe is the duty of every driver, and the responsibility of every manager. Thankfully, these checks can be made easier than ever with the MyDriveSafe.Expert app.

For just £1 per driver per week, MyDriveSafe.Expert offers numerous cost-saving advantages forming part of your front line defence to help keep your drivers safe. It reduces admin time, records the time taken to perform checks, creates incident/accident reports, and produces a clear audit trail.

UK law states that all commercial vehicles must be checked daily, inspected regularly, and recorded constantly to ensure they are safe to drive. MyDriveSafe.Expert makes it easy to do this and helps you to protect your business and ensure you stay compliant. Support for various motoring organisations is included within MyDriveSafe.Expert’s templates, so it’s easy for your fleet to comply!

How does MyDriveSafe.Expert work?

MyDriveSafe.Expert gives drivers a simple, comprehensive range of checklists, covering almost all vehicles and updated safety standards – all from a smartphone app that’s free to download.

Simply select your vehicle from our database by typing in the registration, choose from one of the industry standard checklist templates for the type of vehicle or create your own, and go. You can
then add photos and notes to any item.

Each vehicle check is uploaded automatically to the Cloud so managers can view them all in one clear and user-friendly dashboard. You can link multiple drivers to one vehicle, or one driver to multiple vehicles. It’s then easy to view, sort, and highlight your checklist data for each vehicle or driver, with a clear prompt to resolve issues so nothing gets missed.

The portal shows all the data you might need, from the length of time taken to complete the checklist to the vehicle’s precise location – including a Google Streetview.

What checks can I carry out with MyDriveSafe.Expert?

MyDriveSafe.Expert includes a large range of checklists that comply with UK law. When performing their checks, drivers will be prompted to check vital elements of the vehicle such as the tyres, bodywork, locks, whether cargo is adequately secured, whether there are any leaks, whether fluid levels are correct, and much more.

If there is anything wrong with the vehicle that could endanger the driver and other road users, you’ll find out quickly using MyDriveSafe.Expert. Getting these issues fixed quickly, before they become more serious, is a great way to help your business reduce costs on fleet maintenance.

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