Mr Osborne disappoints fleet managers again, says Fuel Card Services

Written by Ellie

Steve Clarke, group marketing manager for Fuel Card Services, says that the March 2015 Budget does not go far enough to offer real help to Britain’s commercial road users.

“This was disappointing,” he said. “Leaving fuel duty unchanged was unimpressive, given the amount of money he found to make headlines in other areas. Every UK business and every public sector organisation either runs vehicles directly or depends upon resources delivered by road. Cancelling the September fuel duty increase achieves virtually nothing.”

Budget 2015 - Still no reduction in fuel duty

Steve Clarke said, “Mr. Osborne could have offered a real boost to the economy with a single, simple measure, but failed to recognise the impact of fuel duty. A fuel duty reduction would instantly help every bottom line, increase every investment budget and boost spending.”

“It is just as well that businesses and organisations in the UK can rely on the team at Fuel Card Services to help them to take control of their diesel and petrol bills.

Posted on 19th March 2015

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