J Dhillon Transport LTD – Going for FORS Gold!

Written by Ellie

Established in 2015, the management of the company has significantly improved since joining the FORS scheme. These improvements are evident in J Dhillon Transport Ltd.’s KMPL figures and emission output levels. Managing director of J Dhillon Transport Ltd, Jagdeep Dhillon, explains how FORS has been beneficial to their company.

We first came across FORS when tendering for work in London. When we first heard about how the FORS scheme could benefit a business like ours, we decided to conduct a more in depth search into the scheme. During our search, we saw the range of toolkits and guides FORS has to offer that are specifically designed to help improve on a vehicles fuel efficiency and emission output. Having used the FORS scheme for a few years now, we can confidently say that the scheme has helped us make a significant improvement in our overall KMPL and emission output.

When working towards all three bronze, silver and gold audits, we were able to successfully pass each audit the first time round. As FORS provided us with all the necessary tools and straight forward guidelines, each accreditation was made easily achievable. Once the new and improved procedures and practices were implemented during each audit, we were encouraged to maintain them after seeing how beneficial the changes were to our fleet.

Once we became a gold accredited company for a second time, we continued to utilise the e-learning resources as that is where we felt our drivers’ professional development excelled. Not only did our drivers benefit from these e-learning resources, but a noticeable improvement was seen in our management systems after implementing e-learning modules such as LoCity for Managers and Smart Driving into our transport managers’ schedule.

‘The overall management of the fleet was greatly improved after implementing manager specific e-learning modules into our transport managers’ schedule.’ – Jagdeep Dhillon, Director

Another resource from FORS that we continued to take advantage of was the Performance Management System tool. As this tool provided us with a place to collate all of our fleets fuel information, we were able to pin point problem areas, and we were able to see where we were making progress. With this tool it was also easy to keep track of fuel costs.

‘It was easy to organise our fuel data with the FORS Performance Management System tool.’ – Jagdeep Dhillon, Director

At J Dhillon Transport Ltd, we want to remain a FORS gold accredited haulage company because it shows the public and our clients that we are carrying out our operations at a high and consistent standard. Furthermore, remaining gold accredited would reassure our drivers that their effort of working at a more than efficient level is being acknowledged and rewarded.

In the ­­­­­last six months, we have increased our KMPL by 22.50% thanks to FORS.

KMPLIncidents per 100,000 KmsNumber of PCNs
Dec 17 – May 182.0400
June – Nov 182.5001
Percentage improvement22.5%0%0%
  • At J Dhillon Transport Ltd, we ask that our drivers keep us up to date with their state of health and whether there have been any changes. If any health issues occur, we will refer them to a GP for further consultation. Moreover, prior to employment, we ask that drivers complete a health form to prove that they are fit to work. After employment we also ask drivers to have their eyesight checked every six months.
  • When recruiting at J Dhillon Transport Ltd, we offer a two week buddy plan to newcomers of the industry. This two week buddy plan provides new drivers with no previous HGV/tipper driver experience an opportunity to join the industry in a safe and supervised environment.
  • At J Dhillon Transport Ltd, in order to reduce our fleets’ noise pollution levels, we have implemented the FORS anti-idling method into our driver training. This method helps reduce the noise pollution produced by our vehicles, along with reducing our fuel usage levels. Moreover, we have also utilised the FORS Quiet Equipment guide to ensure that we have suitable noise reducing equipment installed into all of our vehicles.
  • At J Dhillon Transport Ltd, we pick up and deliver our materials using automatic, diesel tipper vehicles that have a euro 6 engine. Currently, there are no alternative methods of transporting our materials. However, we will continue our search on alternative methods of transport, particularly paying attention to the electronically powered vehicle industry as many developments have been made in the past few years.

At J Dhillon Transport Ltd, we aim to further improve on our drivers and managers professional development by keeping up to date with FORS e-learning modules. Furthermore, we plan to continue implementing regular modules and courses into our drivers and managers training. Moreover, we will continue looking for ways in which we can implement a more environmentally friendly method of transport for our materials.

To conclude, at J Dhillon Transport Ltd, we believe that remaining FORS gold accredited will show our contractor, clients and the general public that we are carrying out our business operations at an outstanding level. Moreover, FORS has been the key factor to our gradual yet significant progression as a freight business, and we wish to continue working and improving with them in the future!


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Posted on 11th February 2019

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