Is the gig economy workforce being let down?

Written by Ellie

A recent survey carried out by University College London (UCL) found that the majority of gig economy drivers, riders and managers felt their employers did not care about their safety and revealed major failings in training provision.

Currently gig workers are regarded as self-employed and are not covered by employment law – they therefore have full responsibility for their own health and safety. This opens up the possibility of serious shortfalls regarding management of occupational road risk, as many gig workers may not be aware of the risks they face.

The survey highlighted serious issues, with two thirds of respondents saying they did not have any training on how to manage risks on the road, and 67 per cent reporting that the company that hired them did not suggest they had rest breaks or give advice about using their phone whilst driving or riding.

Despite these concerns, three quarters of respondents said they enjoyed the work, due to its flexibility. However, the findings underline the need to implement more stringent safeguards to protect this fast growing industry.

To read the full survey, please click here.


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Posted on 9th November 2018

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