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Save up to 10p per litre on fuel – apply for a fuel card now

Find the best fuel card for your business and start saving today. Whether you use diesel, petrol, or electric, we’ve got a card for you.

Why You Need a Fuel Card

Cut fuel costs

Save up to 10p per litre on fuel

Enjoy convenience

Accepted at up to 90% of UK fuel stations

Stay secure

It’s cash-free and helps prevent fraud

Reduce admin

HMRC compliant invoices, no need to keep receipts

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A massive thanks to Fuel Card Services for consistently keeping our fuel prices low. Fuel is a considerable cost to us and watching the pennies makes all the difference. We have been with Fuel Card Services for years and week in and week out their rate beats the other 3 fuel cards I have from other companies. You have our loyalty

Tamara Newman

About Fuel Card Services

We are one of the UK’s largest independent fuel card companies, providing fuel cards and comprehensive fleet services to business around the UK.

Helping fleet managers to cut costs across the board, our experienced team is on hand to offer support and consultation so you can be sure you are choosing the right fuel cards and services for your fleet’s needs.

The UK’s Best Range of Fuel Cards

Whether you use petrol, diesel, or electric, we’ve got a fuel card for your business.

We offer cards from all major brands. Click on the logos to find out more!

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All Your Fleet Management Needs In One Place

Tele-Gence telematics
Tele-Gence telematics


Vehicle and asset tracking

Improve safety for your drivers, security for your vehicles and reduce costs across your fleet by integrating your fuel data. It’s easy to use and supported by a dedicated UK-based team.




Cost-effective servicing, maintenance and repair

Improve safety for your drivers, security for your vehicles and reduce costs across your fleet by integrating your fuel data. It’s easy to use and supported by a dedicated UK-based team.




Accurate reporting of mileage expenses

Record and report every mile of every journey automatically. All-in-one software makes it easy to record, manage, process and submit mileage expenses for all vehicles used for business.

Drivers Club Pump Locator
Drivers Club Pump Locator


The free, fast, fuel finder app

Make driving to your nearest fuel station hassle-free, by searching and finding your closest fuel pump via our handy app. Helps drivers avoid wasting fuel and time on unnecessary detours.



Easy-to-use app for daily vehicle checks.

MyDriveSafe.Expert is an easy-to-use app for your daily vehicle checks, which is free to download and use. Plus, managers portal and full reporting for only £1 per driver, per week.

24/7 Online Access To Your Account

Manage your fuel cards

Run reports

View transactions and invoices

Find your nearest fuel station

Why Choose Fuel Card Services?

Fuel Cards

One of the UK's largest independent fuel card companies

Nationwide since 1990

Trusted by 50,000+ UK Businesses

Owned by DCC plc - listed on London Stock Exchange and included in the FTSE 100

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