Great drivers ‘needn’t go fast’

15th April 2016

Great drivers 'needn't go fast' (image credit: iStock/liorpt)

The Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) has teamed up with former Formula 1 world champion Nigel Mansell as part of the body's efforts to showcase the fact that exemplary driving skills need not revolve around going fast.

As part of the IAM's push for improved driving skills and road safety awareness, the group invited Auto Express news editor Richard Ingram to take part in a day's training session with the motoring ace at his side.

However, far from teaching him how to handle driving at speed, Mansell focused the session on the importance of driver control, putting the journalist through his paces in terms of essential skills like being able to slalom around cones, safer emergency braking, reversing into a parking space and safer cornering.

Mansell explained: "I made a living through driving on race circuits at often very high speeds – but being a winner is not just about being fast. Precision, control and knowing where to use speed were the most important aspects of being successful.

"The same applies to every road user. You can be a top class driver, enjoy a journey of any length and get real satisfaction from every mile. Advanced techniques, like those offered by the IAM, can help you become as good as me. Well, almost!"

Supported on the day by the IAM's head of driving standards Richard Gladman, the event was aimed at highlighting how drivers from all walks of life can demonstrate essential skills when taking to the roads.