FTA offers winter driving aid

Written by Ellie

Hauliers operating across the UK this winter are being offered a helping hand from the Freight Transport Association (FTA) when it comes to keeping up to date with the latest driving conditions on roads across the country.

Winter weather can be extremely changeable and presents a considerable risk to operators who do not have a good understanding of conditions they are deploying their vehicles towards.

As a result, the FTA is working in partnership with organisations including the Highways Agency, the Met Office and the National Highway Authorities to piece together a complex and real-time understanding of the weather conditions facing travellers across the country. The association is then drawing upon this data to provide a 24 hour a day service to its members regarding winter weather alerts.

All those signed up to the scheme are able to receive updates as soon as an area becomes subject to warning. Amber alerts mean vehicle operators should be prepared for severe weather, making use of local radio and other services to gain important information on specific routes and if possible, diverting vehicles via other routes to reach their destination.

Meanwhile, more adverse conditions are depicted through red alerts – meaning all goods vehicles in a specific area should find a safe place to park up and wait for adverse weather to pass, as failing to do so could present a serious risk to safety.

All alerts are available via the FTA's website, which also features a range of helpful tips to help businesses and drivers deal with adverse weather condition.


Posted on 6th January 2015

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