FORS mixed accreditations – ‘Manage the scope of your accreditation’

Written by Ellie

FORS accreditation demonstrates that your transport operation goes above and beyond industry best-practice for safety, efficiency and environmental protection. In order to support this, accreditation must be attained across a whole operating centre, and at the same level as either FORS Bronze, Silver or Gold.

However, those with multiple operating centres:

  • Do not have to include all of their operating centres within the scope of accreditation; members decide which operating centres are in scope or out of scope
  • Can achieve a single level of accreditation at a single operating centre (for example one operating centre at Bronze and two at Silver)

FORS defines an operating centre as a site or depot from where commercial vehicles operate, where there is infrastructure that supports daily management, control, and day-to-day operational deployment of a fleet.

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Posted on 27th March 2018

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