FORS ‘2017 Review’ highlights major boost to member benefits

Written by Ellie

FORS, the Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme, has published its 2017 Review, the scheme’s annual report and assessment of the previous 12 months’ activity. Chief among the 2017 Review’s highlights is the huge increase in member benefits resulting from investment in new products and services.

Today, FORS membership provides significantly more benefits than ever before, with products and services introduced in 2017 alone, including:

  • a whole host of new, funded, training courses, workshops and eLearning modules
  • a new FORS Driver Licence Checking Service in association with FORS Affinity Partner Licence Bureau
  • a new FORS Audit Toolkit to help with initial FORS Bronze accreditation
  • a new FORS Fleet Management System – FOR FMS – developed by software specialist and FORS Affinity Partner FleetCheck

The 2017 FORS Review also describes in detail the continued growth in membership – notably with 264 operators progressing from FORS Bronze to Silver and 59 operators progressing from FORS Silver to Gold. While end-of-2017 figures showed total membership increase to 4,654, FORS continues to grow and, to date in 2018, FORS membership now stands at 4,755 operators.

It is the investment back into FORS Professional, however, the scheme’s dedicated training programme, where members are reaping the most tangible benefits – for drivers and managers alike. In 2017, FORS introduced a new FORS Practitioner Workshop (Manging noise in logistics), and a new FORS Practitioner Recertification course. New eLearning modules include Smart Driving, Smart Deliveries, two LoCITY eLearning modules, TruckSmart, Security & Counter Terrorism, Road Risk Champion and Collision Investigator.

DSC_8838“No other organisation has invested so much into training as FORS,” said FORS Director, John Hix, “the body of training materials at the disposal of drivers and managers is vast. With much of it free or funded, the value of dedicated training for members cannot be underestimated – the result is tangible benefits in everyday operation and for operators of all types.”

Arguably the calendar highlight for FORS in 2017, was the second FORS Members’ Conference. Using ‘compliance’ as its theme, the conference was fronted by influential figures from across the transport sector, attracting over 400 delegates and sparking lively debate throughout the day. Immediate and positive response has already prompted FORS to announce its third annual FORS Members’ Conference, again at the National Conference Centre in SolihuAnnual Report 20.022ll, on Tuesday 16 October 2018.

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Posted on 29th May 2018

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