Fleet vehicle servicing made simple: MyService.Expert

Written by: Simon Pavey, Last updated:26th June 2023

Fleet vehicle servicing made simple

Time consuming, costly, and difficult to organise – when it’s time to service your fleet vehicles the task can feel overwhelming. For fleet managers, finding the best rates and a service quality you can trust whilst battling for booking slots that suit your fleets schedule takes time away from other important tasks on your to-do list.

Servicing your fleet vehicles regularly is key to keeping your drivers and business safe from the repercussions of poorly kept vehicles. Though it’s an essential practice for fleets of every size and shape, is it necessary for managing service schedules, bookings, and paperwork to be such an arduous hurdle?

We’re going to take a look at what makes vehicle servicing become such a sizeable and expensive task, and how tools like MyService.Expert can help carry the load.

The challenges of fleet servicing

Whatever your fleet looks like, organising a vehicle service can end up with a lot of moving parts.

Getting the best rates

Vehicles need to be serviced regularly and when you have a growing fleet to keep road-safe and maintained the costs can quickly add up. Private garages and chain garages can offer servicing at large variable rates and when your fleet is on the move finding a well located and affordable location can be tricky.

Managing your bookings

Organising bookings and knowing which vehicles need servicing gets tougher the bigger your fleet grows. With different models of vehicle to manage and diverse fleets with a range of vehicle types in their arsenal, staying on top of servicing schedules and ensuring that your fleet vehicles get the right level of service in good time and in a manner that doesn’t hinder operations can be a struggle for fleet operators.

Staying on top of the paperwork

Paperwork can quickly stack up when you’re managing a fleet, even if it no longer requires physical paper. Despite the continuous move to paperless operations, the task still remains of effectively managing the filing of vital paperwork. When managing the servicing history of a range of vehicles and keeping track of spending on bookings and repairs, the paperwork can quickly get ahead of you.


How MyService.Expert can help

For fleet managers looking to get ahead of the curve and make savings where they count, MyService.Expert is a tool worth adding to their arsenal.

MyService.Expert is an app designed to help alleviate all the challenges we have discussed here by compiling bookings and paperwork in one location, while offering you access to pre-negotiated rates at both independent and franchise garages across the country.

With deals to be found on vehicle servicing, maintenance, repairs, glass and tyre work, and more – you can quickly see the savings rack up while the admin stays quick, simple, and organised. Get in touch via our quick enquiry form to learn more about how MyService.Expert could streamline you fleet servicing.