Fleet Matters

NEW – Best practice in fleet management – Issue 9

The ninth issue of Fleet Matters covers the cost of not going green, how to improve fleet operations, the post-Brexit outlook and driver safety.

Fleet Matters offers useful advice on how to ensure your drivers are responsible and how to review your fleets refueling strategy.

Fleet Matters, relating to all types of road vehicle, is of value to anyone managing vehicles in either the private or public sector.

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Issue 8 - Tougher driver laws
Issue 7 - 5 hidden costs and threats to fleets
Issue 6 - Compliance - Being sure of being legal
Issue 5 - Whole life costing - The only way to keep track
Issue 4 - Beating costs - 22 ways to save fuel
Issue 3 - Time is money - Surprising ways to save it
Issue 2 - Liability - Reducing your exposure
Issue 1 - Drivers - Protecting your assets


Fleet Matters

Fleet Matters

Fuel Card Services has launched “Fleet Matters,” a quarterly fact file for fleet managers, which covers best practice in fleet management. To celebrate launch, Fuel Card Services is offering readers a free Fleet Safety Health Check. The first issue of Fleet Matters focuses on drivers, a key asset for any fleet, examining three key facets of driver employment.

Fleet Matters distils a great deal of essential best practice information into a short space, making it simple to get straight to the salient points. Many fleet managers will know some of this, but everyone should be able to find something new in the content. It contains no advertising and no sales content, just solid information to help managers run their fleets more effectively.

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