Tom Cosway

1. What’s your name & Job Title? – Tom Cosway – General Manager – Burnley Office

2. How long have you worked for Fuel Card Services? – 14 years

3. Where did you work before? – I left Sixth form to get an apprenticeship

4. What made you decide to join the business? – I got a U and an E in my A Levels and my mum said I should try something else!!

5. What’s the best thing about working here? – The people, you work with a great bunch of people. Plus, over the years I’ve been here I’ve completed 3 NVQ’s and got my BA Hons in Business and Management and even been to Cranfield University on a course.

6. What would you say to someone thinking about applying for a role with us? – If you’re hard working and have the will to succeed and earn some great commission, then come and give us a go!

7. Tell me something unique about yourself… – I have a twin brother called Jeremy (or Jerry) who also works in the Oil industry!


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