Rachel Pearson
Project Description

1. What’s your name & Job Title? – Rachel Pearson – Major Accounts Manager

2. How long have you worked for Fuel Card Services? – 10 years (with a 4 month hiatus working for care in the community!)

3.Where did you work before? British Red Cross

4.What made you decide to join the business? I needed a full time job!

5.What’s the best thing about working here? I love that I have been trusted to take my job role on to a new level and get the opportunity to meet clients face to face. I have managed to push forward a highly lucrative partnership on behalf of our group (FORS) and hope this goes from strength to strength in the future!

6.What would you say to someone thinking about applying for a role with us? Do it – work hard, make yourself known for the right reasons and with a strong work ethic you will go far. Always have a goal in sight as this has helped me massively.

7.Tell me something unique about yourself – In my personal life we are currently undertaking a house project converting a tiny 1 bedroom bungalow to a ¾ bed house! Also in my spare time I have been recently introducedto pole fitness and now entering my 3rd month and loving it!

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