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Tele-gence telematics technology, what does it track?

Telematics is nothing new, most of us know what it does. But, when you really look into the telematics market, you’ll see that they’re not all the same.

What is telematics?

In basic terms, a telematics system is a vehicle tracking device that is stored in a vehicle that allows the sending, receiving and storing of telemetry data. This data can include location, speed, harsh acceleration or braking, fuel consumption, vehicle faults and more.

For fleet managers, telematics technology can help fleets achieve great operational improvements in key areas such as:

  • Decreased fuel costs: Telematics can help fleet managers identify areas of waste, like vehicle idling or fuel slippage. This means those issues can be addressed promptly and this positively impacts fuel efficiency.
  • Improved safety: Continuous feedback on driving style and behaviour will let fleet managers coach drivers and reduce unwanted driving habits, like speeding or harsh braking.
  • Elevated productivity: With near real-time GPS system data, drivers can help avoid delays in traffic and plan for inclement weather. Back office managers can then quickly attribute any additional site visits to the closest vehicle and instruct them on the best route to get them there.
  • Better payroll management: By tracking the precise time a vehicle starts to the moment it shuts down at the end of the day, fleet managers have an accurate, automated record of how long an employee worked. This can help business owners verify that employees are paid accurately for the hours the worked while eliminated time spend manually matching up timesheets to job tickets.

Powerful, intelligent tracking with tele-gence

Tele-gence telematics is an affordable, intelligent, user-friendly tracking system that can help reduce costs and add value to your fleet. Tele-gence telematics is suitable for all vehicle types and any size of fleet.

24/7 vehicle tracking

With satellite and hybrid mapping, using international roaming SIMs and the best networks, you can track your fleets position 24 hours a day, in real time. Tele-gence also comes with impact detection, alerting you to any vehicle or assets incidents and their location, ensuring the maximum coverage.

Fuel cost management

Thanks to direct integration with fuel card data, Tele-gence helps to monitor costs and reduce spend, as well as offering protection against any fraudulent transactions. Tele-gence can be easily integrated with your fuel cards, providing accurate and improved MPG by up to 20% by improving driving patterns and behaviour, reducing fuel consumption and vehicle wear and tear.

Driving behaviour

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Tele-gence allows you to tailor driver behaviour scores that help you determine your best and worst drivers. The system gives you a score for each driver against every journey taken. This then enables you to spot dangerous drivers quickly, helping to improve safety, fuel consumption, maintenance costs and helps you to comply with legislation.

The driver reports offer a clear and detailed view of drivers harsh braking, accelerating and cornering, so you can identify the drivers in your fleet that need to modify their behaviour.

Custom alerts

Tele-gence is fully customizable, providing you with a telematics solution tailored to your requirements, giving your greater knowledge and control over your fleet. You can set custom alerts to:

  • Provide vehicle speed vs speed limit violations
  • Identify moving outset set hours of work
  • Let you know when a vehicle enters or exits any of your zones
  • Remind you when a vehicle needs servicing, MOT is due for any repairs

You set the parameters and how you want to receive the information with a completely customisable reporting platform to give you valuable insight into your fleet.

Connected cameras

As well as tracking your fleets vehicles, cameras greatly enhance your visibility and the protection of your drivers. In an event of an incident, you can receive a customisable alert without ever having to physically access the SD card using our cameras.

The camera integrates directly into the software, making the footage visible and downloadable from the platform in high definition at the point the incident occurs. A blind spot and a 360 camera option is also available.

Personal tracking

Tele-gence can also provide personal trackers for staff on foot or bike. The trackers are easily concealed in clothing, bags or pockets making them very discreet. You can also choose how frequently you want the device to report its location.

Tele-gence personal trackers can also come with panic buttons which send alerts directly into the platform. In the software, you can choose to be informed by email or SMS (fees apply), giving peace of mind for lone workers and their managers.

Monitor your assets

As well as effective vehicle and personal tracking, our platform allows you to also track parked assets, plant equipment and expensive machinery. You can easily see where your assets are, allowing quick locations, assisting with stock taking, recovery of stolen assets and improving management efficiency. They’re easy to install and internal or weatherproof external solutions are available, making them ideal for securing valuable assets or backup devices.

Today, telematics are an essential part of any company’s fleet. If you want to find out more about how Tele-gence can transform your fleet management, reduce your fuel spend and improve driver behaviour, get in touch with one of our experts today.

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How Tele-Gence telematics saves you time and money

Telematics are now a key part of any firm’s vehicle fleet. If you want to decrease fuel spend, improve driver behaviour or boost efficiency, this technology is vital.

But to achieve this, you need the right solution. You need an all-in-one tool that can run every aspect of your fleet management easily and from a single location. You need Tele-Gence telematics.

Tele-Gence is our intelligent, all-in-one fleet management solution. It lets you take complete control of every part of your business, delivering great benefits such as:

  • Decreased fuel spend
  • Better insight into routing
  • Improved driver behaviour
  • Advanced safety and security features
  • Increased visibility into your operations
  • Automated reporting

Let’s look at how some of these features work in a little more detail.

Cut your fuel costs

One of the main benefits of Tele-Gence is cutting your fuel bills. It does this in a number of ways, including highlighting any inefficiencies and offering recommendations for more potential savings.

Tele-Gence’s range of reporting tools let you keep an eye on MPG rates and CO2 emissions to see how your fleet is performing. It can also show you when and where drivers are spending time idling in traffic, allowing you to reduce wasted fuel by routing vehicles to avoid these locations.

What’s more, it also helps you cut down on fraud. Thanks to direct integration with fuel card data, you can get instant fuel fraud alerts if any unauthorised transactions have taken place.

Improve driver behaviour

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Tele-Gence’s real-time tracking tools also enable you to monitor your employees’ behaviour and encourage safer driving. For example, its sensors can monitor excessive speeding and create driver behaviour league tables on your dashboard.

This quickly gives you an insight into who is driving safely and who is taking risks that put themselves and other road users in danger. You can then step in to provide education or even take drivers off the road if necessary.

Increase vehicle efficiency

By cutting down on issues like excessive speeding, you can also minimise vehicle wear and tear. Encouraging smoother, safer driving means less stress on the engine and other key parts, which means less vehicle maintenance and lower repair bills.

You can also reduce the risk of breakdowns by detecting issues earlier. Proactively scheduling maintenance with the info gained from this data reduces the amount of time your vehicles are off the road. This improves vehicle productivity and keeps your business moving.

Boost security

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Tele-Gence also offers a range of options to help keep your vehicles and drivers safe and secure. Real-time tracking updates every ten seconds to ensure you always know where your fleet is, while device tampering alerts quickly flag up issues like theft.

This can also help you crack down on any unauthorised usage. For example, you can get instant alerts if a vehicle is being used outside normal working hours, costing you fuel and increasing wear and tear.

Integration with dashcams can also help prevent accident liability by offering proof of what has happened in any incident. Meanwhile, crash detection alerts can immediately inform a chosen contact if an accident does occur.

Reduce your admin

Finally, Tele-Gence offers a wide range of reports, dashboards and automation tools to help you take control of the paperwork. Scheduled reports such as timesheets, mileage calculations and expenses can be created and sent directly to your inbox.

This saves you huge amounts of time that would otherwise be spent on tedious, repetitive admin tasks. You can also be instantly alerted to any anomalies in your fleet that need further investigation.

All this is available in a single, highly customisable location. This allows you to run a much more efficient fleet while also making better business decisions. The end result is lower costs, fewer miles driven and a safer workforce.

To find out more about how Tele-Gence can transform your fleet management, get in touch with one of our experts today.