Stop/Start as standard on all WLTP-compliant Sprinters

Mercedes-Benz Vans has announced its entire Sprinter range will see Stop/Start technology come as standard for buyers.

Ensuring enhanced fuel efficiency for operators, Stop/Start technology turns off the engine when a vehicle comes to a standstill and automatically restarts it when the driver applies the accelerator.

Enhancing environmental protection with WLTP

The Worldwide Harmonised Light Vehicle Test Procedure (WLTP) is used to measure fuel consumption and emissions for vehicles operating in Europe. It sets the current benchmark for performance in this important area.

Steve Bridge, managing director at Mercedes-Benz Vans UK, said: “Our mighty Sprinter is already WLTP compliant, and has been since it launched in the UK in 2018, so we can offer continuous supply without interruption.”

He added that ensuring all Sprinter models now come with Stop/Start as standard will further improve fuel efficiency for owners and makes the Sprinter a highly desirable choice for businesses focused on their own emissions compliance.

Indeed, WLTP compliance will ensure “a more realistic, comparative benchmark for consumption and emission figures” and means companies can be confident they are playing their part in protecting the environment.

Jenny Smith, general manager for Tele-Gence, commented: “Stop/Start technology has been around for a while now, but it’s great to see the system being implemented as standard in the full Sprinter range.”

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Record first quarter for Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles (VCV) has announced an impressive start to 2019, with the firm’s first-quarter delivery figures showing record growth.

The company reported total worldwide growth of 9.4 per cent from January to the end of March this year.

Major markets see double-digit growth

According to the company’s official data, 125,600 vehicles were delivered to customers in the three-month period, with particularly strong performance witnessed in Europe.

Indeed, the firm saw 13.4 per cent growth in European vehicle deliver numbers to 87,600 units. This impressive rise was supported by a marked increase in deliveries to Spain (51.2 per cent), Italy (16.6 per cent) and France (7.2 per cent).

Elsewhere, VCV reported growth of 6.7 per cent in North America, 39.6 per cent in Africa and 11.6 per cent in Asia. The positive start to the year was somewhat tempered by a 44.8 per cent decline in the Middle East.

Member of the board for sales and marketing for VCV Heinz-Jurgen Low commented: “This is the best first quarter result we have ever achieved in our brand history.

“Worldwide, our products performed really well once again. Together with our dealers, we are delighted about this all-time-high.”

The company’s T-Series and Crafter models were shown to be particularly popular among buyers in Q1, with both witnessing double-digit deliveries growth.

Jenny Smith, general manager for Tele-Gence, commented: “VCV continues to perform strongly and provide commercial vehicles to markets across the globe. This is great news for the manufacturer and points to a promising year ahead for fleet operators making use of VCV models.”

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Tele-Gence - Telematics Tracking Systems for you and your business


Fleet manager’s today are dealing with such an overload of work when overseeing vehicles – from monitoring and maintaining to leasing and compliance – that it’s easy to overlook the people who drive them.

But poor driver behaviour impacts fuel bills more than vehicle inefficiencies. And the larger your fleet, the more costly this oversight becomes.

So how do you keep an eye on all your drivers?

With fleet telematics solutions. While tracking vehicles and providing insightful data overview is hardly new, one of these telematic solutions has been shown to improve MPG by up to 20% – and increase productivity by up to 10%.

Better still, it has no hidden start-up fees and requires no long-term commitment. Its name?


This is part of a comprehensive suite of fleet management solutions called My Fleet Hub.

Suitable for all vehicles, Tele-Gence offers smart, affordable telematics made simple. Intelligent, intuitive and event-driven, it combines fuel card use with tracking data to ensure valuable savings, offers in-depth reporting on pump pricing, driver behaviour, fuel fraud, and vehicle tracking, while reducing the risk of accidents.

Its user-friendly services are customisable with bespoke options scalable to specific needs, with frictionless access from the Cloud, and support from a UK-based team.

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Automotive tech players to showcase at UK Pavilion

A delegation of ten of the nation’s leading automotive technology developers will take part in the upcoming Electric & Hybrid Battery Show in Germany.

The event is Europe’s largest advanced battery trade fair and will be taking place in Stuttgart from May 7th to 9th.

Showcasing UK innovation

The UK Pavilion will be managed by the Advanced Propulsion Centre (APC) – a government/industry collaboration focused on the research, development and production of low-carbon automotive technologies.

Ian Constance, chief executive of the APC, stated: “It is … important that UK companies are highly visible and properly represented at key events, such as the Electric & Hybrid Battery Show.”

He went on to add that Germany remains an important market for UK automotive manufacturers and the pavilion represents an opportunity to highlight the cutting-edge developments of British technology developers.

Launched in 2016, the APC has so far supported 233 UK businesses at key international events around the world.

To date, companies taking part in the programme have received additional investment of £1.5 million a year.

This latest showcase will see five companies returning, having previously participated. The UK Pavilion in Germany will form part of the government’s ongoing GREAT Business campaign and being funded by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy.

Jenny Smith, general manager for Tele-Gence, commented: “Showcasing the cutting-edge technology being developed in the UK is essential for the strength of the nation’s automotive industry. It’s therefore great news to see such a strong presence at the upcoming Electric & Hybrid Battery Show in Germany.”

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2018 Fleet Manager of the Year Winner Credits Fuel Card Services & Tele-Gence

Steve Hobbs, transport manager for telecommunications company BML Utility Contractors, and Fleet Manager of the Year winner, has credited commercial vehicle solutions specialists Fuel Card Services with helping to drive his business forwards. Having bought into their telematics solution, which enables him to track and reward driver behaviour, his company “are already reaping the benefits,” says Steve. “Driver league tables aligned with a company policy of £100 reward monthly for the top driver has already yielded driver improvements.”

Taking advantage of Tele-Gence

60 of Steve’s 87 mixed-use commercial vehicles use Tele-Gence, the intelligent fuel management solution from Fuel Card Services. Tele-Gence integrates fuel card data and live tracking data, resulting in savings on fuel.

Tele-Gence is also intuitive and alert driven for exception-based management of fleet and fuel, as well as in-depth reporting on fuel fraud, pump pricing, driver behaviour, vehicle tracking and much more – with no long-term commitment.


Making the winning difference

“We get phone calls weekly from companies offering cheaper fuel, better telematics etc.” said Steve who previously had a more basic system in place. “It was quickly apparent to me as Transport Manager that Fuel Card Services would make an ideal fit for our business.” As soon as a demo was arranged with the company’s most senior management, they were impressed with the range of services and were quick to sign up.

“Quite simply, no one else provides the level of service that Fuel Card Services do,” says Steve.  “When people phone offering their services, I quite happily explain all of the benefits – linked fuel cards, excellent reports, a dedicated team that stays in touch, and they all quietly go away.”


Tele-Gence service

Tele-Gence is all about smart, advanced telematics made simple. It offers a fully scalable range of user-friendly services, customisable and bespoke telematics options, frictionless access from anywhere in the cloud, and support from a UK-based customer service team.


Tele-Gence savings

As fleets continue to be hit harder with ever-increasing costs, Tele-Gence works harder to bring your costs down and push your MPG up. Tele-Gence immediately reduces costs and adds value to any business, and has been shown to improve fleet MPG by up to 20%. Pricing is simple and affordable and tailored to suit your needs.


Tele-Gence security

Tele-Gence gives fleet managers full access to fuel data, with improved and accurate MPG reporting to reduce and even eliminate fuel fraud. Suitable for all vehicle types, from cars and vans, to LCVs and HGVs, Tele-Gence also helps reduce accidents and increase driver security, while tracking expenses and vehicle maintenance and streamlining your management processes.

In summary Steve said, “I’ve been very impressed with the level of professionalism; with the help and support; and with the relationships that I am building with Fuel Card Services… we are reaping the benefits.”


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Steve Hobbs, transport manager for BML Utility Contractors


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