Get a good night’s rest on World Sleep Day

You might not realise it, but today (March 15) is World Sleep Day 2019. Getting a good night’s rest is important for everyone, especially for those who drive regularly as part of their job.

At Fuel Card Services, we take our commitment to supporting our staff seriously and that means encouraging a healthy work/life balance and promoting employee wellbeing. Sleep is essential to staying fit and healthy, so here we offer some useful tips on how to do just that:

Stay off the caffeine after six
Caffeine is a stimulant and is great to get you going at the start of a busy day. That said, there’s a time and a place for feeling perky and full of energy, so when you’re getting ready to relax and unwind at the end of the day, avoid caffeinated drinks at all cost.

Aim for a consistent routine
Your body works on a regular circadian rhythm and it knows when it should be gearing up for the day or powering down for the night. Therefore, it’s important to maintain a regular bedtime routine and to get up and go to sleep at similar times each day – even at the weekends.

Make your bedroom a relaxing space
Your bedroom should be a refuge from the stresses of the rest of the world. As a result, it’s important to keep it tidy and uncluttered, while relaxing colours on the walls will help you drift off into a more peaceful slumber. Blue and yellow hues are often the best.

Take the time to unwind
Finally, we all lead busy lives and therefore taking the time to relax and let go of your daily stresses is important before bedtime. Try reading a book or listening to a podcast, these can help you to relax without too much mental effort. One thing to always avoid, however, is the temptation to surf the web on your mobile before bed.

It’s important to prioritise getting a good night’s sleep, as this ensures you are well rested and better able to concentrate and perform to your best the following day. Whether you’re driving for work, sitting at a desk in an office or out meeting clients, being well rested is essential.

Fuel Card Services believes in looking after its employees, which includes a good work-life balance – find out more about a career with us at

Leeds Office

FCS Recruitment backs Leeds Mind with fundraising day

FCS Recruitment has hosted a fundraising day in support of the Leeds branch of the mental health charity Mind.

The event, held at the Fuelcard offices in Leeds, involved a day of great fun and copious amounts of fundraising.

FCS Recruitment supports the cause of improving mental health, recognising what a major issue this can be in the workplace. Anxiety, depression and stress can make the working day much harder, harm performance and cause significant damage to personal wellbeing.

Blue Monday

The event was arranged to coincide with Blue Monday, the day when, on average, people feel the gloomiest. The weather is cold, the days dark, the afterglow of Christmas has worn off and the bank balance is low. All these factors contribute to people feeling generally low.

However, instead of having a ‘Blue Monday’, the office went for a multicoloured one! Staff had some fun in the workplace, raised some cash and put a smile on lots of faces.

Staff dressed down, there were cakes on sale, and a competition to guess the number of sweets in the jar. Perhaps most fun of all, there was a chance to put a custard pie in the face of the managers… Suffice to say, there was a long queue for this!

You might think that all this fun would stop much work being done, but that was far from the case. An unprecedented 26 applications were received.

That may also suggest that lots of people fancy a career change to get their new year off to a flier.

While that could be a big boost for those who get new jobs, the underlying causes of mental health issues may remain. That is why the work of charities like Mind is so valuable – and why Fuelcard Services is so keen to support what they do.

Fuel Card Services believes in looking after its employees, which includes a good work-life balance. Find out more about a career with us at

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