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Save up to 30% on maintenance with MyService.Expert

Managing Director of Fuel Card Services, Denise Frost, continues her drive to deliver “a one-stop solution for complete fleet management” by launching another of the company’s portfolio services: MyService.Expert.

MyService.Expert gives fleet managers and drivers direct and easy access to a nationwide garage network offering competitive savings on fleet servicing, maintenance, repairs, and MOTs. The service is pay-as-you-go, is already saving fleets up to 30% on parts and labour, and is accessible from any location.

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Better service

MyService.Expert comprises a suite of valuable services to save fleets of all sizes time and money. And it’s added value help is proving particularly popular with overworked managers. This includes: consolidated fuel and maintenance invoices, monthly reporting, and vehicle service histories viewable online.

Better savings

In addition to savings of up to 30% on parts and labour, fleets and drivers can save on a wide range of other servicing and maintenance work including tyre replacements or repairs. MyService.Expert’s network of garages offering these discounts covers the UK – with no joining fee, no minimum contract, and no minimum number of vehicles. Better still, the discounted rates are pre-negotiated for ease of transaction.

Better security

Reassurance is paramount, and MyService.Expert delivers. Costs are approved online, using a secure online system. Costings are validated by manufacturer data and work is approved directly with each garage. Users even receive calendar alerts so they don’t miss important servicing and MOT deadlines.

Your one-stop fleet solution

MyService.Expert is just one of a series of added-value products collected within My Fleet Hub, the comprehensive new online portal. Leveraging years of specialist experience within the automotive industry, and based on deep research into what fleet managers and drivers really need, My Fleet Hub delivers better service, savings and security for fleets of any size – all in one place.  Look out for more innovative products coming soon.


Find out more about MyService.Expert by calling 03334 140416 or visiting www.myservice.expert


Ford introduces anti-theft protection key fobs

Vehicle theft is a growing problem in the UK, but Ford has announced the launch of a new key system designed to thwart criminals in their efforts.

The manufacturer has unveiled new keyless fob technology that is specifically designed to provide added protection to vehicle owners.

Ford taking a stance against vehicle theft

Thieves have been making use of ‘relay box’ technology to boost the signal from key fobs to nearby vehicles, allowing them to take cars without the need for the key.

In response, Ford has introduced new fob technology that automatically switches off the signal to unlock the car if the fob is left stationary for more than 40 seconds. This eliminates the risk of keyless vehicles being stolen when the keys are kept in the owner’s property and the vehicle is parked outside.

Simon Hurr, Ford security specialist, said: “The online availability of devices which have no place in public hands has long been a problem for Ford, our industry and crime fighters.

“We are pleased to respond with a simple but effective solution – swiftly implemented to help protect owners of our top-selling cars.”

The new anti-theft fobs are now being produced for the manufacturer’s Fiesta and Focus models, with plans in place to roll out the technology to further ranges in the near future.

Owners of these vehicles can receive a free upgrade by contacting their dealership.

Ellie Baker, brand manager at Fuel Card Services, comments: “Addressing the issue of vehicle theft is important for the industry. So to see Ford taking steps to make their vehicles more secure is great news all around.”

GEM supports Don’t Stream and Drive Day

UK road safety and breakdown organisation GEM Motoring Assist has pledged its support to the #dontstreamanddrive initiative.

Taking place today (April 16th), Don’t Stream and Drive Day represents a reminder to all motorists concerning the dangers of using handheld mobile phones at the wheel.

Streaming and driving do not mix

Across the UK, there is a growing trend for drivers to stream their journeys live from their mobile phones. However, this practice is highly dangerous and needs to be stamped out.

GEM road safety officer Neil Worth believes anyone who does this should be taken off the roads immediately, as they potentially represent a significant risk to themselves and others.

He stated: “Our message to drivers who still think it’s acceptable to use a hand-held mobile phone for any purpose while driving is simple. Please put it down and give 100 per cent concentration on safe driving. If you don’t, you are likely to kill someone and you will go to prison for a long time.”

Mr Worth concluded that drivers can miss important information when they aren’t focused on the road, while also being unable to maintain constant speed and a safe road position.

The #dontstreamanddrive initiative is being spearheaded by former police officer Neil Dewson-Smyth and is being promoted across social media. It aims to highlight the dangers of mobile phone use and why distraction can be such a deadly risk for drivers.

Ellie Baker, brand manager at Fuel Card Services, comments: “Driving takes a lot of concentration, so to shift your attention to streaming your journey is simply a recipe for disaster. To stay safe, motorists should keep their eyes on the road and avoid the distraction of mobile phones.”

Tele-Gence - Telematics Tracking Systems for you and your business


Fleet manager’s today are dealing with such an overload of work when overseeing vehicles – from monitoring and maintaining to leasing and compliance – that it’s easy to overlook the people who drive them.

But poor driver behaviour impacts fuel bills more than vehicle inefficiencies. And the larger your fleet, the more costly this oversight becomes.

So how do you keep an eye on all your drivers?

With fleet telematics solutions. While tracking vehicles and providing insightful data overview is hardly new, one of these telematic solutions has been shown to improve MPG by up to 20% – and increase productivity by up to 10%.

Better still, it has no hidden start-up fees and requires no long-term commitment. Its name?


This is part of a comprehensive suite of fleet management solutions called My Fleet Hub.

Suitable for all vehicles, Tele-Gence offers smart, affordable telematics made simple. Intelligent, intuitive and event-driven, it combines fuel card use with tracking data to ensure valuable savings, offers in-depth reporting on pump pricing, driver behaviour, fuel fraud, and vehicle tracking, while reducing the risk of accidents.

Its user-friendly services are customisable with bespoke options scalable to specific needs, with frictionless access from the Cloud, and support from a UK-based team.

See what you could save at


Fuel your business growth with a MyPayment.Expert Mastercard

Credit cards are smart funding solutions for business owners wishing to grow their organisation. At Fuel Card Services, we have just launched our own: MyPayment.Expert Mastercard.

Secure financial access with MyPayment.Expert Mastercard

Part of being a business owner means continually focusing on ways to increase the growth rate of your organisation.

Small businesses often get turned down for loans or get disadvantageous loan terms because they lack a credit history. Not something you wish to hear if you are currently trying to build a business. Here is something: MyPayment.Expert Mastercard will provide funding certainty.

It just takes five minutes to complete our online application form. We can give you an instant credit decision right up to a whopping £50,000 limit. Checking your eligibility will not impact your credit rating. And, when you’re happy, we will send a credit card within four business days.

A credit card that automatically works for you

With a MyPayment.Expert Mastercard there are no monthly or yearly fees.

You can use the credit card abroad with 0% commission on foreign exchange.

You’ll also receive 0% interest on all card purchases – for up to 56 days when you pay your balance off in full each month.

For tax purposes, it is best practice to keep your business expenses separate — a MyPayment.Expert Mastercard by its very nature will maintain control of this accounting problem.

Managing your account is simple too with information seamlessly integrating through our secure mobile phone app – so you can view on the go, anytime and anyplace.

MyPayment.Expert Mastercard does the record keeping work for you and makes the process of managing your costs really simple.

When it comes to quick funding think of MyPayment.Expert as the backbone support to your business and an excellent start to building your credit history.

For more details visit MyPayment.Expert .and register today

MyPayment.Expert Mastercard