FORS retains CILT Awards sponsorship for fourth year

FORS, the Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme, is to sponsor the Freight Transport Best Practice award category at the Chartered Institute of Logistics & Transport (CILT) Annual Awards for Excellence on 18 October.

It will be the fourth year in succession that FORS has supported this important annual event, staged again this year at the Royal Lancaster Hotel in London. The CILT Annual Awards for Excellence ‘recognises the achievements of individuals and business to promote the highest professional standards in logistics and transport’.

“The calibre of the shortlisted companies at last year’s awards was extremely high,” said FORS Director, Joh Hix, “with Kuehne & Nagel, Wincanton and National Express among 15 major players to emerge as winners.”

FORS continues to support the Freight Transport Best Practice category which was won in 2017 by McGee Group (Holdings) Ltd in Colnbrook, Berkshire. “McGee demonstrated a clear focus on the FORS key competencies of safety, efficiency and environmental practice,” said Hix,  “and moreover, the steps it has taken to improve them. We expect equally high standards from nominees this year,” he said, “and we’re very pleased to be in support of the awards once again.”

The 2018 CILT Annual Awards for Excellence is again expected to attract leading transport professionals from across industry. Category nominations will be open from 19th February.

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J Peters Plant Hire Ltd – Going for FORS Gold

Jerry Peters has been in business for 15 years as a sole trader and 1 year as a limited company. The Company have always worked with Tarmac and currently have one 32000 kg Tipper Lorry which Jerry Peters the Director of the company drives himself. He ais looking to buy a new vehicle, which is due to arrive in September 2018, the new vehicle will be of Euro 6 standard. The company is based in Radlett and Jerry Peters is the only driver. We are engaged in taking away plainings on behalf of Tarmac as well as hauling aggregates on behalf of them too during the daytime. The company operate exclusively for Tarmac which include working on contracts for TfL and CVU.

We first heard about FORS through Tarmac. We looked at the benefits of joining the scheme and we saw that these were standards and ethos that we wished to adopt of improving the safety for both our vehicles and drivers

We take safety very seriously, so we achieved FORS Bronze accreditation and then went onto applying for our Silver Accreditation which we achieved in November 2017.

FORS has helped benefit by us being able to achieve better standards through their driver training programme, both classroom based and through e-Learning modules, along with FORS toolbox talks. This has led to Jerry having a better understanding of road safety and raised his awareness of the needs of other vulnerable road users. This has meant that Jerry Peters has been able to maintain his 100%, zero accident rate in the last 4 years.

“FORS has helped us to continue with my 100%, zero accident rate in the last 4 years” – Jerry Peters – Director

All our vehicles are fitted with 360 degree cameras, side cameras, near side proximity sensors and audible left turn alarms, Class IV,V, V1 Mirrors, flashing beacons on the cab of all vehicles, cyclist safety stickers to both the rear and sides of our vehicles.

Jerry has completed Safe Urban Driver courses and have completed all the FORS E-Learning Modules.

We have recently implemented a new recruitment policy that outlines that we need to look at employing younger drivers/employees and provide training to that particular role.

“FORS has helped continue with our excellent safety standards ” – Jerry Peters – Director

We have learnt that by equipping our vehicles to the highest safety standards and FORs Training, that our accident rate has continued to stay at zero over the past four years and has saved both time and money in reduced claims to the company.

J Peters Plant Hire Ltd2

As a way forward the company is to receive a new vehicle which will be delivered in September 2018, this will also be equipped to the highest safety standards and will be Euro 6 compliant, thus helping the company to reduce emissions and impact upon the environment.

Achieving Gold Accreditation will help me to continue to strive towards the highest road safety standards and that we are able to continue to maintain this safety record and protect the environment.

” The company wish to maintain our excellent road safety standards” – Jerry Peters – Director

Once we had gained our Bronze accreditation we decided to go for the Silver Accreditation in 2017 as we were already doing everything required of us to gain Silver accreditation. Once we were at Silver we decided to show best practice and be able to stand out from our competitors.

Our accident rate in the past four years has been zero which has helped reduced our insurance premiums with or insurance company

MPG Incidents per 100,000 Kms Number of PCNs
March 2015 – March 2016 23.3 0 0
March 2016 – March 2017 22.5 0 0
Percentage improvement 10.25% 100% 0%

*Annual improvement in MPG and Incidents per 100,000 Kms

Each year Jerry Peters fills in an in-depth medical declaration on an annual basis even though through the FORS Standards it is recommended every 5 years. It is also mentioned in the driver’s handbook, which requires any driver to report any change to the company and forms part of their contract of employment. Once the driver informs the company, this would lead to an investigation and if it felt the driver was unfit to drive, we would require medical evidence form the drivers Doctor informing us that they were fit to drive. The company would only allow the driver to driver once we had received the letter. The driver would then be subject to recommended reviews, until we were satisfied that they we fully fit to drive.

We have recently implemented a recruitment policy to the company, that outlines that we as a company are committed to employing young drivers/employees where possible and training them into that role.

The future plans of the company are to ensure we that our safety record continues to be the highest standard, through driver training and fitment of vehicle safety equipment.

All our future vehicles will be equipped to the highest safety standards, while paying attention to the environment. All our drivers will continue to be trained to the highest standards possible.

Achieving Gold will help the company to work towards these goals and help to improve the industry’s safety standards, whilst looking towards reducing our emissions through less polluting vehicles.

Report by Rachel Pearson – Major Accounts Manager at Fuel Card Services.

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Posted on 11th February 2018


Please note:
All published FORS Gold case studies have been submitted by the accredited company named above and transcribed verbatim

John Bourne & Co; Reducing Emissions

John Bourne & Co have been trading since 1947 firstly as agricultural lime merchants and haulage contractors, then latterly as national suppliers and contractors to the sports turf and landscape industries.  Today we are a manufacturer and haulier of bulk lime and aggregate for farmers, builders and land owners covering Kent, Sussex and Surrey. Philip Burdett, Transport Manager, explains how FORS has helped John Bourne & Co to achieve reductions in mileage and lowered their emissions through better working practices and procedures.

We initially became aware of FORS through general trade media and trade associations when Graham Grieves was still Transport Manager for John Bourne & Co. Graham recognised that the company would benefit from the guidance of the FORS standard and the resources available for members to use whilst also giving the company a competitive advantage when tendering for contracts.

Our first FORS bronze audit was conducted in 2013. It was a useful exercise as the audit gave an independent view of our processes and documentation. The audit highlighted areas that would benefit from minor improvement, which we took on board and subsequently actioned. This encouraged us to continue making improvements and regularly review our processes through the guidance of FORS.

Since becoming a FORS accredited company, we have used the FORS safety information and standards to update our fleet of vehicles to a higher safety specification as stipulated in the FORS standard. During the last 12 months we committed to update 2 more of our vehicles in 2018 in addition to the 3 vehicles purchased in 2017. All vehicles will meet the same full specification including windows in the lower passenger door, improving direct vision with vulnerable road users. We also acquired an Artic in late 2017 to commit to our reduction in fuel emissions, enabling us to deliver more tonnes per gallon of fuel. We have seen a continuing trend in the reduction of mileage (706,000 miles 2016 to 584,000 miles in 2017) due to improved routing and scheduling which has resulted in a reduction in our overall emissions year on year (see table below). All these improvements have been the result of the FORS workshops and guidance which we view as one of the key benefits of this scheme.


Phil Burdett, Transport Manager explains:

‘Being part of the FORS scheme has enabled us to productively update our fleet of vehicles to more reliable, fuel efficient and safer models. FORS membership has also helped us in tendering for larger projects specifically in London, which require the FORS standard. The scheme has ensured that we have useful policies and procedures in place which has led to improved performance and commitment from all employees to maintain our FORS accreditation.’

Our new Transport Manager, Philip Burdett, joined John Bourne & Co as a driver over 14 years ago. He joined the Transport Office in 2015 and then attended all 9 of the FORS practitioner courses to allow him to fully take over the role of Transport Manager from Graham Grieves on his retirement as a certified FORS practitioner. The workshops have been a useful source of knowledge and shared experience learning from others. Philip has seen a lot of changes in the company over the years and this has included the positive impact that the FORS scheme has made to transport operations.

The Managing Director, Peter Bourne has also seen how much of a benefit it is to the company to hold this accreditation, despite his earlier scepticism.

Peter Bourne, Director; ‘The FORS standard has been instrumental in bringing a new level of scrutiny and professionalism to the industries and our own haulage standards. Achieving the FORS Gold standard was not only a validation of our own high standards, but is key to winning new contracts and giving peace of mind to new and existing clients.’

Having initially joined FORS in 2013, we decided to progress the company from Bronze to Silver and Gold, as it was evident that it would give us a competitive advantage. As a forward-thinking company, we strive to reach and maintain the highest standards both for ourselves and for our customers. We recognised that attaining Gold accreditation would help us demonstrate these standards.

Fuel used CO2 NoX/Particulate matter
Sept 2015 – Aug 2016 108170 286.43 592.77/10.82
Sept 2016 – Aug 2017 86898 230.1 476.2/8.6

(Table above showing reduction in mileage travelled and emissions.)

With a new Transport Manager and Haulage Administrator in the office, 2018 will be full of new challenges. We plan to add another member of staff to the transport office to support us in the daily operations which will enable us to maintain our focus on progressive management. We also look forward to engaging in our new strategy for recruitment of drivers into the industry. This will involve working with a local school to promote the career opportunities in professional driving.

Photo Phil Burdett, Transport Manager

Initially gaining the FORS accreditation was a proud achievement and we still maintain that focus today as a FORS Gold member. The FORS standard has provided an important resource for company policies and procedures and it enables us to be a competitive player in the road haulage industry by increasing our potential to meet the standards required for certain contracts. Our commitment to the scheme ensures that we continually review our practices and procedures which has led to improvements year on year since we became FORS accredited. We look forward to another year ahead as a FORS Gold member and the continued positive impact the scheme has on our company.


Report by Rachel Pearson – Major Accounts Manager at Fuel Card Services.

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Please note: All published FORS Gold case studies have been submitted by the accredited company named above and transcribed verbatim.

London Goods Transport Ltd – Going for Gold!

London Goods Transport Ltd is a sub-contractor that transports aggregate materials for Aggregate Industries. Established in 2011, since joining the FORS recognition scheme, the company has made major improvements in the KMPL delivered by their fleet and have seen a reduction in carbon emissions since implementing the FORS practices into the company’s processes. Resham Dhillon, director London Goods Transport Ltd explains how FORS has been beneficial to their company.

We initially discovered FORS through communication with fellow haulage companies similar to ours who are already FORS accredited. Being told of the benefits of joining FORS from reliable sources encouraged us to then do further research on FORS. After seeing the extensive resources FORS has to offer on their website we were convinced that FORS would be able to help our company improve and grow.

London Goods TransportLondon Goods Transport Ltd achieved both their Bronze and Silver accreditation first time round. By achieving these accreditations we were encouraged to keep up to date with any new driving modules or courses FORS has to offer as we felt the training we provided our drivers through FORS helped improve our fleet as our drivers had more road and vehicle knowledge in comparison to their knowledge prior to joining FORS.

Furthermore, after achieving the FORS Bronze and Silver accreditation we then aimed to achieve a Gold accreditation with FORS and we were successful. By being consistent with our driver training and taking full advantage of the wide range of courses and modules such as the e-Learning Cycle Safety module and Safe Urban Driving course, we were able to become Gold accredited.

‘After becoming FORS Gold accredited it helped us secure more business deals as it improved our company’s credibility as a fleet.’ – Resham Dhillon

Moreover, not only has the driver training improved out fleet, but the wide range of toolkits FORS has to offer has also helped make a significant difference in our business. In particular, the Fuel Use tracker proved to be very useful as it monitors our fleets fuel usage, KMPL and CO2 output. Having this information helped us see where our fleet needed improving and also helped us see whether we did make improvements after implementing new methods and techniques to improve these factors.

‘With the help of FORS e-Learning modules and courses, our drivers are now much knowledgeable and confident on the road.’ – Resham Dhillon

After seeing the benefits of becoming FORS Gold accredited we are encouraged to renew our Gold accreditation by continuing to implement the FORS practices and methods into our fleet in order to reassure to our clients that we are operating at our full potential.

In the ­­­­­last two years, we have increased our annual KMPL by 148%% thanks to FORS.

KMPL Incidents per 100,000 Kms Number of PCNs
Jan– Dec 16 1.05 1 7
Jan – Dec 17 2.61 0 2
Percentage improvement 148% 100% 71.42%

At London Goods Transport Ltd, we ensure our drivers health is at its peak in order to ensure the safety of the public and our drivers themselves. We certify our employees’ health is at its peak by requesting employees to complete a health questionnaire declaring that they are fit to work. We also ask for employees to have their eyesight checked every 6 months as poor eyesight is a major road risk.

When London Goods Transport Ltd is looking for new recruits we like to advertise online. In our recruiting advertisement we offer possible recruits a two-week buddy plan if they have no prior tipper vehicle experience. This buddy plan allows the new driver to adapt to their new driving environment safely with the help of a more experienced driver.

With the use of the FORS toolkits and driver training modules and courses, as a fleet we were able to improve on our vehicles noise pollution. One of the techniques learned from FORS was to turn off our vehicles engines when stationary for long periods of time. This method also helped us save fuel and therefore helped our company save money.

Our aggregate materials must be kept at high temperatures therefore our vehicles must have a PTO system and an insulated body. Currently there are no other alternate vehicles suited for our mode of work that is more beneficial to the environment however we will continue to keep informed of any possible alternative vehicles that we can use in our fleet instead of our current vehicles.

At London Goods Transport Ltd we plan to continue utilising the FORS e-Learning to ensure our drivers are driving with the best skill set and road knowledge as doing this has proven to reduce road risks. We also plan to keep up to date with any improvements made in the tipper vehicle industry to see if any alternative, more environmentally friendly vehicles are made available for our mode of work.

In order to ensure our fleet is carrying out the best practices we would like to continue to be FORS Gold accredited which would then reiterate to our clients that we are a reliable business and will also help us secure more business contracts with new clients. Moreover, continuing to be Gold accredited will encourage us to keep implementing the best techniques in order to be more environmentally friendly.

Please note: All published FORS Gold case studies have been submitted by the accredited company named above and transcribed verbatim.

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FORS Practitioner workshops – April to June 2018 dates available to book

FORS Practitioner workshops are now available to book for April, May and June 2018 in locations across the UK. FORS Practitioner is a series of 10 workshops which, together, cover all aspects of fleet management.

Completion of all 10 workshops will mean you join an elite group of 900-plus FORS Practitioners – all fully conversant with the skills to excel in modern fleet management.

The 10 FORS Practitioner workshop topics are:

  • Workshop 1 – Developing fleet management policy
  • Workshop 2 – Managing work related road risk
  • Workshop 3 – Managing driver fitness and health
  • Workshop 4 – Managing driver training and development
  • Workshop 5 – Collision procedures and analysis
  • Workshop 6 – Safe and efficient fleet management
  • Workshop 7 – Reducing fuel use and minimising environmental impacts
  • Workshop 8 – Minimising transport fines and charges
  • Workshop 9 – Measuring and monitoring road fleet performance
  • Workshop 10 – Managing noise in logistics

Please click here to access the list of Practitioner workshop dates and locations from now to the end of June 2018. Dates from July onwards will be released in due course.

Under ‘D4 Professional development’ of the FORS Standard, fleet operators are required to identify and document the training needs of drivers and other staff involved in the fleet operation, as well as to implement a Professional Development Plan (PDP). FORS Practitioner is a recommended professional development programme for all managers, trainers and supervisory staff. Though attendance at the workshops is not mandatory to meet requirement ‘D4 Professional development’, it should be considered for inclusion in the PDP for relevant staff.

The recent introduction of the workshop ‘Managing noise in logistics’ does not affect the status of current FORS Practitioners, however current FORS Practitioners are encouraged to attend this latest workshop.

We appreciate that plans do change, but, as these workshops are very popular, please advise us as soon as possible if you need to cancel your place/s. Please refer to the FORS workshops cancellation policy for information prior to cancelling your place/s.

Report by Rachel Pearson – Major Accounts Manager at Fuel Card Services.

If you are a FORS company, or if you are working towards accreditation, your business is entitled to some exclusive fuel cost saving offers from Fuel Card Services. Click here for more information.