NEW JOB – General Manager (Sales)

As General Manager (Sales) you’ll assume overall responsibility for the performance and maintenance of existing ledgers; the growth and development of both Inbound & Outbound sales operation across New and Existing business, sales and retentions departments in line with Company expectations and budgetary requirements.
Reporting into the Group Head of Sales, you’ll oversee the entire end to end operation of our office in Bellshill, Motherwell and ensure that all sales and administration is carried out by your teams efficiently and accurately.
You’ll be an inspirational leader and have the ability to motivate through action cross functional teams in order to achieve key performance indicators including sales targets, quality objectives and service standards.
You’ll have experience of running a sales operation of 50+ sales staff or you’ll be an experienced manager ready to take the next step in your career.
In addition, you’ll maintain existing client relationships to maximise sales & retention potential and develop new business leads to include external visits to both new and existing clients.
Maintaining the office environment will also be second nature to you and you’ll naturally identify areas of improvement and implement strategies to ensure success.
Aside from sales you’ll work with other departments of our business overseeing Health & Safety, legislation, risk management, annual reviews of your management team and anything else required to continue to build upon excellent foundations.

About you
You’ll be educated to a good standard and have demonstrable experience in a busy sales environment as a member of its leadership team with a proven track record of success. Your knowledge of Microsoft office packages will be to a good standard and you’ll be able to identify trends in performance.
You’ll lead from the front and be results driven and target conscious. Resilience when working under pressure is also essential.

About us
Fuel Card Services trading as Dieselink, is part of DCC a FTSE 100 company
DCC Energy first entered the fuel card market through the acquisition of Fuel Card Services in January 2005. The business now sells in excess of 700 million litres of motor fuel annually via a portfolio of fuel cards under the BP, Esso, Shell, Texaco, Diesel Direct and UK Fuels brands. Fuel cards have become an essential tool for commercial organisations to manage their transport costs.

Bellshill, Motherwell

Friday – A story of service and reputation

My first thought as I woke up this morning was “Thank goodness it’s Friday!” It’s been a great week but I’m ready for the weekend. My second thought was about how cold it was. I turned the light on and could see my breath in the air. Now this never happens as I have the central heating set to come on about an hour before my alarm. I went down stairs and as my foot touched the floor, there was an intense feeling of burning in my toes.

Have you ever been that cold that you get a burning sensation? Well that was what I had as my foot plunged into an icy pool of water… My kitchen and hallway had flooded and there was water everywhere!

Under any other circumstance, it would have put me in a foul mood just thinking about the clean-up and the cost of fixing whatever it was that went wrong, but I just shrugged, there was nothing I could do about it now so I started mopping. The floors were clean and pretty much dry within about 15 minutes of mopping. I looked at the boiler there were all sorts of flashing lights and an error message, under the sink the water was dripping into a newly forming pool. You get the idea.

So the scene is set, rubbish morning with an exploding boiler and a leaky pipe.
I’ve been lucky, never needed to call out a plumber before now.

  • Who do you pick?
  • Who’s best?
  • How much will it cost?

Phone out, tapped the app and updated my status. My Facebook post this morning read “HELP! My boiler has gone kaput, there’s a leaky pipe and I need a plumber! Can anyone recommend someone they’ve used before?”

Within about 10 minutes, 3 or 4 of my friends had commented with names “tagged” in the comments. 5 minutes later my phone rang,

“Mike, Hi, my name is Alan I’m a plumber and I was asked by your friend Denise to give you a call about your boiler. I’m happy to pop round and have a look. I only live round the corner.”

WOW! Impressive! 10 minutes later he was in the kitchen, he’d reset the boiler, fixed the crack in the pipe under the sink and all it cost me was a cup of tea!

Customer service & personal reputation was key here and Alan, who’s had his own business for the last 22 years knows how great service can impact your reputation.

If I get asked to recommend a plumber in the future who will it be?

Moral of the story, focus on your customers, new and existing. Build your brand in a positive way by giving a little and you’ll gain a lot. If you work in a customer facing role, the way you service your customers or clients will impact your reputation. It’s always easier to build on a positive experience than it is to recover from a negative one.

Here at Fuel Card Services we always strive to be the best that we can be, and then more……….

If you would like to join our team – find out more here.

leaking pipe

Our Careers Blog is penned by Mike Bratby – Resourcing Manager

What Can You Achieve in 10.8 Seconds?

Everyone knows that you can’t give more than 100%, simply by its definition. So why do we say “I’m going to give 110%?

In every business around the world, culture is hugely important. In some businesses its driven by a complex framework of company values, or through senior and middle management types who talk using ostentatious corporate speak. Quite often these values or this culture can feel “Imposed” on the employees.


It’s my belief that culture should be driven by people. Not just the Managers & Directors but all people at all levels in all offices. Fuel Card Services have been able to build a diverse and cohesive culture centred around progress and Continuous Improvement by doing just that.

“Continuous Improvement is better than delayed perfection” Mark Twain

Mark Twain put it perfectly when he said “Continuous Improvement is better than delayed perfection and that’s truly what we believe and what we embody.

If we all improve our technique or skill or personal approach by just 0.3% each day, by the end of the year we will all be giving 110% MORE than last year without really noticing. Imagine how little effort must be required to improve by less than half a percent.

We are dedicated to continuous improvement of ourselves and our business.

So how about this…

  • The average life expectancy in the UK is 81.5 years. 0.3% of that is just 89 days
  • 0.3% of a full 24-hour day is 4.32 minutes.
  • 0.3% of an hour is 10.8 seconds.

Whoever you are; whatever you do; whatever your aspirations in life may be. Ask yourself;

What can I achieve in 10.8 Seconds?

The answer can be… A 110% improvement in anything you want!

Here at FCS we encourage our teams to always strive to give 110% to their customers…..

If you would to join the 110% Team – click here


Our Careers Blog is penned by Mike Bratby – Resourcing Manager

Are you MAD ?

It’s not always easy to think you’re making a difference: it’s just a job, it’s just a phone call, it’s just another sale, it’s just another day earning some money. But it’s easier than you may think. Here’s the story of my catch up with one of our sales execs.

make a difference motivational phrase handwritten with white chalk on blackboard

Giving yourself 10 minutes to breathe when you work in a busy office, surrounded by really busy people all driven to succeed can somehow feel counterproductive – trust me it’s not! You need to take a break now and again to regain focus, refuel the caffeine reserves (if you’re a coffee drinker like me) and just reset. It can be difficult to do if you’re a true salesperson, as you know that one more conversation could mean the difference between hitting target and absolutely smashing it.

Today though I did manage to get one of our New Business team to “take 5” and chat to me about her job. We discussed from her first day in training, to that nerve-wracking first customer sales call to securing her first big account and truly delighting her new and experienced customers. She told me that she had the odd bad day at work where she either didn’t get the account she’d been working on for a month or when she had to deal with a particularly unhappy customer, but it was refreshing to hear her say that even when she had a bad day, she still loved her job.

Now after our conversation, I thought about that sign you see in sitcoms or movies: “You don’t have to be mad to work here, but it helps.” I realised after talking to Beth (the sales legend) that it didn’t fit in with our place, as you DO have to be mad to work here! However, to us, MAD isn’t a word that means crazy or silly, it’s an acronym that stands for Made A Difference: making a difference to every customer we speak to; making a difference to your team target; making a difference by going to work every day and meeting up with likeminded people, having a laugh over a mug of tea or coffee, setting targets and beating them, taking part in the next incentive, and really loving going to work!

We are constantly on the lookout for these kinds of people. So if you want to join us here at Fuel Card Services consider whether you want to Make A Difference…

Find out how to make a difference – here.


Our Careers Blog is penned by Mike Bratby – Resourcing Manager