Cartel Direct appreciates personal service

Written by: Fuel Card Services, Last updated:11th August 2020

vehicleOnce customers have tried Cartel Direct, they tend to return again and again to the Wembley-based limousine service. After a quarter-century of success and growth, Terry Gallagher, director, is clear about what attracts so much repeat business. He says, “Any service business stands or falls on its personnel. You have to have the right people, with the right training and experience and the right attitude. If you have the money, buying a great car is easy. Putting a great chauffeur behind the wheel is another matter.” 

Cartel Direct puts great chauffeurs behind the wheels of 30 luxury cars every day. From its base between central London and Heathrow, it transports executive passengers in comfort to destinations throughout the UK and Ireland. Most of its vehicles are Mercedes, although Range Rover also figures in the fleet. Its vehicles all run on diesel and all are refuelled in the same way: Cartel Direct uses BP fuel cards supplied by Fuel Card Services.

“Fuel Card Services treats us with respect,” says Terry Gallagher. “If we want something, I just call Diane. As our dedicated account manager, she always takes my calls and understands our needs. I do not have to queue for a call centre, before explaining who we are to a random operator, as I would with most suppliers. Add this personal service to the cost savings, without the transaction charges applied by their competitors, and you can easily understand why I recommend Fuel Card Services to other people.”