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Last week I was asked if I had any hints and tips for someone applying for a new job after getting made redundant. I thought I’d share with you what I told them:

CV – First thing’s first. You have to have a good CV! Curriculum Vitae is Latin for Course of One’s Life. It should be honest, factual and clear of mistakes. Lots of people have asked how long their CV should be and then comment that “they’ve heard” it shouldn’t be longer than 2 pages… For me (and this is very much my personal preference), as long as the content of your CV is relevant to the role you’re applying for then I really don’t mind the length, but please ensure that the information on there is relevant! The job of your CV is to secure you an interview so make a great first impression. For more info about your CV, make sure you have a look at one of my previous blogs “CV-Comedy Value” here.


When applying for a new job, you have to know the reason why! A hiring manager doesn’t want to hear that you’ve applied for hundreds of jobs in the past 20 minutes. They need to know you care about where you work and that you’re interested in the business you’re applying for. So keep a track of the companies you’ve applied to, the job title and when you applied. A quick check of your list will make sure you don’t get caught out when they call you about your application.

Telephone interviews can be really intimidating. But they don’t need to be. Check out my Telephone Interview Tips blog here.

Interview Day – So you made it through to a face to face interview… They can be really intimidating, especially if you get nervous. You need to ensure you’re prepared for the interview so here are my top 5 tips for being interview ready:

1. Plan! – Set your alarm and have an early night, but before you do, do you know how to get to your interview? If you’re on public transport, make sure you allow plenty of time… What are you going to do if there is a delay, the bus doesn’t turn up or there is traffic? Be ready for anything.

2. DressWhat are you going to wear? You should dress for the job. If you’re going for an interview to work in an office, it’s business wear. Gents that means shirt and tie (and a jacket if it’s not too hot). Ladies that’s a blouse or shirt or smart top coupled with trousers or a skirt, or a dress that is befitting of a busy office. If you have any doubt over what to wear, go with Traditional Business Attire. You can search online for support with this.

3. Company PreparationDo your research. What does the company do/sell? What is their client base? Do they have corporate values you can talk about? Don’t come unstuck when they ask you what you know about their business.

4. Personal PreparationRemember that great CV you submitted that helped get you where you are right now? Well you need to remember it. What did you do? Where did you work? Can you remember the targets you had? What are your biggest achievements?

5. Be The Best Version Of Yourself My last tip is to remember to be yourself. You’ve been invited for an interview based upon your previous experience and your telephone interview, so you’re already doing really well! They want to meet you and want you to do well. Put yourself out there and be confident in your abilities. Only you can secure this job. Be friendly, be upbeat, make eye contact and be the best version of yourself.

Good luck with the next step in your career.

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Posted on 30th August 2016

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