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Start saving up to 5p per litre on your fuel costs today with a Bunkercard fuel card

Introducing Bunkercard

Bunkercard is a refuelling service specifically designed for large hauliers and other major long distance operators, and offers the largest UK network of motorway sites.
It was created by people with direct experience of the HGV haulage industry to provide all the benefits of bunkering, but without the need for yard tanks or pre-purchase of fuel stocks.
Shell Bunkercard



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Fill up at 1,020 sites across the UK
Discount diesel at 185 sites
Further discounts at 219 sites
Use on the M6 Toll

BP Plus Bunker Fuel Card

BP Plus Bunker

Fuel Card

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Use at 1/3 of UK motorway services
Discount diesel at over 500 BP sites
BP quality fuel increasing your fuel economy by 2.6%

Esso Commercial Fuel Card

Esso Commercial

Fuel Card

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Fill up at over 900 sites across the UK
Discount diesel at 250 sites including all Esso motorway sites
Competitively priced Esso-quality diesel

Scania Bunkercard


Fuel Card

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Accepted at 488 HGV-friendly sites
Access to a selection of Shell, Texaco, Esso BP and Murco sites
Safe & secure PIN-protected accounts

Not right for you and a Keyfuels or UK Fuels stock transfer customer? Try Bunkerstock

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