Brake launches national Road Safety Week

Written by Ellie

Brake’s annual Road Safety Week is now underway, with this year’s theme being ‘Step Up for Safe Streets’.

To coincide with the event, which runs from November 18th to 24th 2019, the charity has published research showing that one in three adults has experienced a collision or near-miss with a vehicle on a UK road in the past year.

Shocking casualty figures

In addition, there is a death or serious injury on a British road every 20 minutes, which Brake says contributes to the highways feeling less safe and puts people off walking or cycling.

To combat this, Brake is running a programme of events for businesses, community groups and schoolchildren that aims to help them adopt solutions to lower the number of casualties on the roads.

These include 20mph speed limits in urban areas, in-built vehicle technology to prevent speeding and segregated cycle lanes.

Everyone in the country is being encouraged to consider how they might make the roads safer places to be, with this year’s sponsors being Specsavers and Kwik Fit.

Director of campaigns for Brake Joshua Harris said: “These findings paint an alarming picture of the danger on our roads. We shouldn’t have to accept this level of risk as part of our daily lives and so we are calling on everyone to ‘Step Up’ for Road Safety Week.”

Jenny Smith, general manager for Tele-Gence, commented: “This is an excellent event that has been running since 1997 and always puts forward a welcome and timely message. We would also encourage all road users to ‘Step Up’ so no one has to feel under threat on our roads.”

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Posted on 18th November 2019

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