Brake calls for stronger drink-driving action

Written by Ellie

Road safety charity Brake has responded to the latest publication of UK drink-driving statistics and claimed that more needs to be done to tackle this ongoing blight on the nation's roads.

According to new figures released by the Department for Transport, drink-driving fatalities accounted for 13 per cent of all road deaths in the UK in 2015 – a figure that remained unchanged from the previous year.

Moreover, the data highlights a growing trend of lacklustre improvement in the overall number of alcohol-related incidents in the UK. Indeed, it is a trend that can now be dated back to 2010, when the last significant reduction in these figures was recorded.

The data also showed a split among the sexes in terms of those involved in this type of accident, with 70 per cent of all those involved in drink-driving incidents in the last year being men.

It is a worrying development and one that Brake is keen to see addressed in the near future.

Lucy Amos, research adviser at Brake, commented: "The statistics released today reveal a worrying level of stagnation in the number of people killed because of drink-driving, with the numbers remaining unchanged since the previous year.

"Brake is calling for a zero-tolerance drink-drive limit, the reintroduction of casualty reduction targets and greater prioritisation and resources for traffic policing to tackle the problem."

Ms Amos concluded that drink-driving has a terrible impact on those affected by this irresponsible behaviour and leaves countless lives devastated when someone is killed in an alcohol-related accident. It therefore warrants much stronger action to tackle this problem in the years ahead.

Posted on 5th August 2016

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