What B2B Sellers Need To Know Before Making That Call

Written by Ellie

A sales team’s job is not easy. Often, lost in a sea of white pages, Google search results, and sales reports, trying desperately to identify the names and email addresses of the appropriate targets. That’s before beginning to place the cold call. After all, the traditional one-size-fits-all model does not apply to sales pitches, in this digital driven age.

Empower the sales team with Sales Data

When equipped with the proper sales intelligence—or information about target markets that plays a critical role in enriching the sales pipeline and enabling the sales force—salespeople can better serve customers and bolster sales effectiveness.

With just one click, at My Business Advantage, our Sales Data benefit offers access to Experian’s Database of 5.1 million business contacts. Filter by location, industry type, size, turnover, employees and credit risk, download your data and then choose how you contact your prospects; telephone, email or direct mail campaigns – it’s your choice as you’ll receive full, up-to-date, contact information of directors and decision makers.

Leveraging the power of connecting with Sales Data

Just imagine the hours you can cut so that the sales team don’t have to spend hours not selling, trying to extract the right customer data and figure out how to make the initial pitch.

The right sales intelligence provides your team with all sorts of benefits. For example, it can tell your salespeople which companies are most likely to buy your product and services; it leads you to the right prospects who are ready to buy; it equips your team with in-depth profiles explaining how to approach the specific company; and, most importantly, it enables your team to sell smarter and harder.

The real value of Sales Data

By preparing your team for smarter selling, your company can increase the likelihood of having comprehensive sales reports, driving ROI, and hitting set quotas, because with customer data, you’ve empowered them.

The value of sales intelligence is indisputable. As a salesperson, your job is to push through the information challenges, maximize your sales potential and cut back on the obstacles by uncovering the value of sales intelligence.

At My Business Advantage, the free Sales Data benefit is valued at almost £50, and if you continue accessing this benefit, there’s an ongoing 10% discount on anything you purchase.

What’s just one new customer worth to you though? That’s the real value.

Find out more about unlocking the Sales Data benefit at www.mybusinessadvantage.co.uk

Posted on 8th January 2018

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