Are spam settings in the AOL Desktop Software blocking email or attachments I actually want to get?

Learn what to do if your emails or attachments are blocked by the current spam settings used.

Your Mail Controls settings may block you from sending or receiving email in general, or from sending or receiving email with pictures and file attachments. When your Mail Controls are set to block email from everyone, you also will not be able to send email to anyone. If your Mail Controls are set to block email with pictures or files, you will not be able to send email with pictures or files either.

Note: You need to be signed on to a master screen name or a screen name on a General Access category to adjust the Mail Controls. A master screen name is the first screen name you created for this account and any screen name you have assigned master screen name status at AOL Keyword: Names.

To check the spam control settings
1. Go to AOL Keyword: Mail Controls.

2. In the Spam Settings window, click the Spam Settings for drop-down menu, choose a screen name for which you wish to set the spam controls for, and then click Go.

3. In Sender Filter, ensure that the ‘Block mail from all senders’ option is not selected.

4. Next to Content Filter, ensure that the ‘Block messages containing pictures or files’ box is not selected.

5. Click Save.

6. Click OK, and then close the Spam Settings window.

Hopefully this will resolve the issue and you will now receive your invoices from us. If you experience any further problems, please do not hesitate to contact us by clicking here.

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