Advent Calendar 2017 Day 8: Give a gift from the rainforest

Written by Ellie


Since 2011, Fuel Card Services has been making regular significant contributions to Cool Earth, the leading environmental charity. It does this through CO2Count, it’s leading vehicle emissions monitoring service.

For every CO2Count Certificate issued, Fuel Card Services make a donation to Cool Earth’s community-led deforestation projects. This support is transforming the future of villages in both the Asháninka and Awajùn communities in Peru.

No other automotive sector firm has ever passed the stringent sustainability audit and become a Cool Earth Official Partner.

Fuel Card Services is making a real difference, where it matters, fighting Amazon deforestation.

So far our donations have saved 3,872 acres of rainforest, protected 929,280 trees, and locked in 1,006,720 tonnes of CO2, that’s enough CO2 to drive to the moon and back 6,000 times.

Treat someone this Christmas with a present from the rainforest whilst also supporting the tremendous work that Cool Earth are doing.

Click here to visit the Cool Earth store.

Posted on 8th December 2017

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