Shell FuelSave Partner

Shell’s exciting new fuel management system for companies running a fleet of commercial road vehicles can assist Professional Fleet Managers reduce fuel related costs.

When fuel accounts for 30% of operating costs, and that percentage is still rising, it’s vitally important to find other ways to save fuel and highlight potential fraud. Shell FuelSave Partner will help the Professional Fleet Manager by remotely monitoring driver performance, your fleets fuel consumption to find ways to save on those ever increasing fuel costs.

Shell FuelSave Partner provides easy to use reports which will link your euroShell fuel card transactions with vehicle and driver behaviour data, giving you a complete view of where your potential fuel savings can be found and how you can then go on to achieve them.

Shell FuelSave Partner is available on a flexible subscription basis, you and your business will be able to enjoy the benefits that Shell FuelSave Partner brings you very quickly, Shell will supply all the equipment completely free of charge, you simply pay the very low installation fee.

Shell FuelSave Partner – Reduce your fuel costs

Shell FuelSave Partner can help the Professional Fleet Manager reduce fuel costs through easy to use but powerful reports. It can help you effectively improve your fleet performance and provide each driver with specific driving tips and advice on how to improve their own individual driving styles.

It’s a simple and effective way to reduce fuel consumption and, through smarter driving techniques, can also help the Professional Fleet Manager cut spiralling maintenance costs.

Shell FuelSave Partner – Identify potentially fraudulent activity

Shell FuelSave Partner can help you identify potential fraud, easily by reconciling euroShell or other suppliers fuel card transaction data with actual fuel in the vehicles tank. Shell FuelSave Partner gives quick and easy indications of transactions or fuel tank levels that appear to be suspect. This can and will help you uncover errors and potential fraudsters.

Shell FuelSave Partner – Easy to use

The Shell FuelSave Partner equipment is completely free of charge (installation fees only apply), so you can start enjoying the benefits very quickly. The on board vehicle unit is quickly and without fuss installed and Shell FuelSave Partner is then ready and easy to use. Your drivers can then concentrate on what they do best – driving, but with added tips from you.

Shell FuelSave Partner – How does it work?

Shell FuelSave Partner is a complete fuel management solution, unique to Shell customers, it uses an onboard unit to analyse your fuel, vehicle and driver behaviour data, and provides you the Professional Fleet Manager with easy-to-understand reports.

Shell FuelSave Partner – Independent Assurance

To ensure you get the best fuel management solution we have even had the design and implementation of our CO2 methodology independently tested and assured by KPMG.

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