BP Regular Fuels

BP regular fuels are specially designed to help keep your engine fit and running efficiently – whether you drive a petrol or diesel car.

Over time ordinary fuels can stop your engine working as well as it should. That’s because harmful deposits can build up rapidly on critical components in engines run on ordinary fuels, stopping them from running as efficiently as they were designed to.

And lower engine efficiency unfortunately can lead to increased fuel consumption, higher emissions, and reduced performance.

But BP regular fuels have been formulated with advanced cleaning properties. Unlike some fuels, they won’t leave harmful deposits in your engine. In fact, they are specially designed to protect against further deposits taking hold. So they can help to keep your engine fitter and healthier and performing as the manufacturer intended.

Our diesel also has a special anti-foam agent that makes it quicker, cleaner and easier to fill the tank right up to the top.

And our petrol helps reduce friction inside the engine, contributing to enhanced efficiency and performance.

BP regular fuels have real everyday quality you can rely on to help you look after your car – so it will look after you.

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