6 reasons why you should take advantage of the BP Fuel Price Guarantee

10th April 2017

6 reasons why you should take advantage of the BP Fuel Price Guarantee

Fuel is by far the heaviest drain on finances when it comes to running a fleet car, ranking as the biggest financial concern for almost a third of respondents in a recent RAC survey.

The price of a litre of diesel can skyrocket just as quickly as a change in the wind’s direction, and that’s partly why we, here at Fuel Card Services, recently launched the BP Fuel Price Guarantee – which places a cap on diesel prices.

If the promise of price-capped fuel wasn’t enough, we’ve rounded up some more reasons why BP Fuel Price Guarantee is worthwhile.

1. Never pay more than you have to

Why would you want to pay more for something if you didn’t need to? It may seem a silly question but for businesses that operate company vehicles, the prospect of never paying more than a set amount for diesel can be highly beneficial for fleet operating costs.

That’s not to say diesel prices are locked either – customers still benefit when prices decrease, but the BP Fuel Price Guarantee shows its worth when prices exceed a certain point, helping achieve savings which would otherwise have been unattainable.

2. Improve efficiency and budgeting

We’re not talking about the actual efficiency of your company vehicles here, but rather cutting out the inconvenience of drivers having to travel between filling stations or travelling further than they would otherwise for the cheapest fuel.

By capping the price of diesel, there’s the potential for effectively bringing the most affordable fuel closer to you.

Also with the promise that you’ll never be paying over the odds for fuel, your organisation will free up funds to bolster the business in other areas.

3. Ringfence fuel

Large businesses have been doing it for years but the BP Fuel Price Guarantee finally allows SMEs to effectively ringfence a quantity of fuel at a certain price and reap the benefits previously only reserved for big firms.

A minimum volume of 500 litres per vehicle must be protected, but there is no pressure or time constraints on you or your drivers to use the fuel and you can fill up when you need it.

4. Loads of choice

The Fuel Price Guarantee is in effect across BP’s entire UK filling stations network, numbering more than 1,200 sites. So your drivers will never be too far from a forecourt operating this brilliant product.

5. Avoid uncertainty

Many factors influence the price of fuel and more often than not, it’s difficult to anticipate when they’ll strike. One prime example is how fuel prices increased in light of the weakened pound following the Brexit result.

The warmer months tend to see fuel prices bloat too, which is partly down to our US cousins, who tend to go on driving holidays in the summer, leading to a rise in fuel prices globally in what is known as ‘driving season’.

Taking advantage of the BP Fuel Price Guarantee means your firm’s finances won’t fall victim to these fluctuations.

6. Earn Nectar Points

A nice bonus when you fill up with BP’s Fuel Price Guarantee is Nectar Points. If your organisation has a Nectar business card, these points can be used to purchase food, DIY products, holidays, household bills and petrol and diesel online or instore.