Volvo V60

Headlam adds Volvo V60 to fleet offering

Floor covering distribution specialist Headlam has added the new Volvo V60 Momentum to its fleet offering for staff.

The company has bolstered its more than 500-strong fleet and is making the vehicle available to all members of staff.

Safe, spacious and green

Ideal for meeting the varied needs of workers, the V60 was chosen due to its spacious interior, excellent safety features and strong green credentials.

Amy Furber, corporate buyer at Headlam Group, explained: “Volvo’s cars have been firm favourites on our fleet for higher grade employees for several years. But we wanted to offer the same reward to our essential users, most of whom are sales representatives doing considerable mileage around the UK.

“The V60 was the key to us achieving this goal.”

Ms Furber added the new offering meets the Benefits-in-Kind and tax requirements for all employees and also meets the company’s strict guidelines for environmental impact.

The vehicle was put through its paces by a range of staff prior to signing off on the deal. It means that with an additional 260 user renewals expected in the next two years, Headlam predicts a considerable proportion will choose V60 models.

Jenny Smith, general manager for Tele-Gence, commented: “The V60 is a stylish, green and flexible model. It will add considerable scope to the company’s fleet offering in the coming years.”

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Strong relationships support happy clients for Fuel Card Services

Building strong relationships helps to ensure our customers are receiving the best level of support.

As such, it gives us great pleasure when a customer reaches out to highlight the positive experience they’ve had when working alongside us to meet their needs.

Always here to help

Clem Gilder, fleet administrator at Lister Wilder, has been in touch to highlight the positive relationship she’s been able to build with her account manager Helen Simpson.

“During the short period that we have used Fuel Card Services, I have found Helen to be helpful and quick to resolve any teething issues we may have had,” she stated.

“Going forward, a good client/supplier relationship is important to our company, as is making every endeavour to keep our costs as low as possible. We aim to maintain both of the aforementioned in what we hope will be a longstanding relationship.”

She added that despite only working with Fuel Card Services since the start of the year, it’s been a very positive experience so far.

Lister Wilder is active in the agricultural sector and operates a fleet of 160 vehicles, making use of both petrol and diesel fuels. The company has a monthly spend of approximately £50,000.

Ellie Baker, brand manager at Fuel Card Services, comments: “It’s great to see a positive relationship being forged between Helen and Clem. At Fuel Card Services, we pride ourselves on always supporting our clients, no matter their needs.”


BMW unveils ‘sportier and agile’ 1 Series

BMW has unveiled an update to its 1 Series, with the range described as being “sportier”, offering better handling and being more agile.

The new range is available to purchase now, with the first deliveries scheduled for September this year.

A far-reaching update for 2019

Now in its third generation, the 1 Series has been updated to offer a more spacious interior and focuses on ensuring a responsive and enjoyable experience for the driver.

It includes a new driver-oriented cockpit, with central instrument cluster and heads-up display, as well as ergonomic controls and the manufacturer’s iDrive Touch Controller used to control the infotainment system.

Outside, the vehicle benefits from a number of distinctive design touches, including new window graphics, larger front grille and a more wedge-shaped silhouette. It also offers optional 16 to 19-inch alloy wheels and a panoramic roof.

BMW has increased body rigidity for the new 2019 version – to improve handling – while a total of six engine options mean buyers will be able to tailor their purchase to suit their style of driving.

Intelligent connectivity has also been incorporated into the 1 Series for the first time, while a range of driver assistance systems will come as standard in all models.

The new BMW 1 Series will be available for £24,430 OTR.

Ellie Baker, brand manager at Fuel Card Services, comments: “This latest version of the 1 Series should prove popular among fleet buyers up and down the country. It includes all of the latest features you’d expect from a top-end BMW.”


AWPR travellers urged ‘take your litter home’

Motorists travelling on the newly-opened Aberdeen Western Peripheral Route (AWPR) are being urged to avoid littering.

The calls are being made by Transport Scotland in partnership with Aberdeen Roads Limited.

Don’t be tempted to litter

Aberdeen Roads Limited operates a 30-year maintenance contract for the carriageway and is now being forced to divert considerable manpower to tackling this problem.

Malcolm Findlay, general manager for the service provider, commented: “We would like people to take all of their litter home with them, instead of discarding it on the new trunk road, so we don’t have to ask our road workers to clear it up.

“Our workers are already busy patrolling the new road to ensure it is operating as it should, as well as helping road users who need assistance.”

Mr Findlay went on to add that littering on certain areas of the road does require temporary traffic management to allow for its safe recovery. This can cause headaches for travellers, as it can result in closures and delays that could easily be avoided.

Inspector Steve Manson from Police Scotland added that “littering is an offence” and while this is, thankfully, unacceptable behaviour for most people there are some who need to be reminded of this fact.

Ellie Baker, brand manager at FCS Scotland, adds: “Litter is a blight on many communities, so motorists must ensure they are taking every step possible to take their rubbish home with them and keep our carriageways clean.”